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Want Consumers to Visit Your E-commerce Website? Here's The Secret Running after the organic audience can be a woe if not done in the right way, read how to drive the specific and targeted audience to your e-commerce website.

By Charu Mitra Dubey

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For running an e-commerce platform in such an hour of rush, you would need to outrank your competitors in every aspect whether it's the SERP or conversion rates. In order to be a champ in your niche and rule the industry, you need to manage the constant flow the natural traffic to your e-commerce store.

People often think that an e-commerce website has nothing to do with traffic as the main focus is on sales. But think about this if none visits your e-commerce platform then how is it going to make sales? It's quite obvious that the more traffic your platform generates the more sales it makes. But not all the kinds of traffic is good, you need to attract those who are likely to buy from you and so you need to target a specific group of audience to your e-commerce store.

But how is it possible when there is so much competition in every niche?

In order to help your e-commerce platform grow, Entrepreneur India curated a list of best practices to attract the right traffic to your e-commerce store.

Build the Pillars with Content Marketing

No matter what field you've chosen, you will find a pool of competitors either directly or indirectly. Thriving in such a situation is not easy for any e-commerce platform. And then comes Content Marketing to rescue. Adding relevant content to your website will not only help in driving more traffic but will also help in adding life to your website. Content helps to bring out your visions and missions in a better way and also boosts the relationship between you and your audience. Moreover, it also generates more backlinks to your website and lets you outrank all your competitors.

"Most e-commerce websites throw up 10k product pages and hope for the best. But to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon, you need to get links to your site. And creating amazing content is one of the best ways to do that.

So if you run an e-commerce site, I recommend setting up a blog and creating amazing content that people will want to share and link to. It won't help overnight. But over time, you'll generate the types of signals that will tell Google to rank your website higher," suggests Brian Dean. Brian is the founder of Backlinko and has been referred to as the world's foremost expert on Search Engine Optimization by Success Magazine.

Search Engine Optimization is a Must

Whether it's a personal blog or an e-commerce website, you need the search engines to run after your content. And that is somehow impossible if you aren't up for SEO. In simple words, Search Engine Optimization is the practice of allowing the natural aka organic traffic to your blog by appearing in the search engine results page.

"I normally tell people when I speak, regardless of whether you want a personal brand or not, you have one. What I mean by this is when I search up your name, I'll get something. It could be a LinkedIn profile or a personal website but I'll find something. Most people when they see a brand or a person, they google them. It's important that your business or personal brand is refined so that people who want to learn more about it can have an immediate outlet to do so. That's where search engine optimization comes into play and it's important for not only attracting organic traffic but funnelling that traffic properly," tells Manu Goswami, CEO and Founder at Trufan Inc. Manu is a serial tech entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker and a Fortune 500 consultant.

Create a Buzz with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is on the rise, from brands to individuals people have started to leverage Influencer Marketing as their primary marketing strategy. And so it has become one of the worthiest ways of attracting the specific type of audience to your e-commerce website.

"Influencer Marketing can help you to showcase your products to new audiences and offer an impressive scope for conversions," believes Shane Barker, Shane is the founder and CEO of Shane Barker Consulting. He is one of the leading experts in the digital marketing industry.

Let People Talk About your Brand Publicly

One of the greatest ways to attract people to your website is by spreading words regarding your brand in the industry. You need to ask your customers or users to write and share about your products or services. Once they do so, the people in their circles will also get to know about your brand. The best part is they'll get to know about you from their trusted ones.

"You should encourage users to post reviews. This is a great opportunity to create unique content that will add to the authenticity and credibility of your brand and products," says Shane.

Charu Mitra Dubey


I am a freelance writer with an interest in marketing, startups and entrepreneurship. I write for several publications and at the same time work with startups on their marketing strategies.


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