Things Every Linkedin Post Needs For Business or Network Growth To make most of the platform one needs to have certain awareness and also plan ahead

By Baishali Mukherjee

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LinkedIn is one of key social media network, it's professional and clean. One will only find people who are actually interested in work which makes it the perfect platform to grow your business reach. However, to reap full benefits of the platform one needs to have certain awareness and also plan ahead. One thing that's critical to follow is consistency in your posts. There are opinions that one should post at a specific day and time of the week to gather most users, well many do not agree to that.

Posting good, engaging, user centric content will generate curiosity in most users and if you are looking for growth, a consistent content flow will ensure that you have likeminded subscribers who not only follow you for your content but will share it with their peers. Use of images and videos give your content the extra edge to stand out against the regular text based content. If your content uses statistics and data, make sure they are presented in a info-graphic format with maybe a link to your website to download the complete report or statistics.

Almost all social media platforms are currently focusing on video, and off course with the high speed data available at throw away prices in most places, video is a preferred way of viewing content too.

Represent Yourself As Subject Matter Expert

Kunal Kumar, Serial Entrepreneur and Author, Founder of (Something Cool), recommends companies to go with a video or photo post, coupled with a link to the website and offer more information or detailed description in the content. "This way your data's reach has been widened while also driving more users to your website, which in turn will help users explore more about your business, your service portfolio and offerings, and maybe sooner or later these users will turn into loyal customers," he added.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to make the content all about advertising - find the pain areas related to your content or your services and address it in a way that is most relatable to your users.

"It has been observed that users are most likely to share a post if they can personally connect or relate to it. You may start discussions via engaging in posts in forums and groups, to interact with the audience and represent yourself as a subject matter expert while pushing your services in a way they feel like a solution and not an advertisement. LinkedIn has great sync with SlideShare and one must use it by offering solution designs, market study, reports or any data or presentations to attract users," advised Kumar.

Social media leaders also say that every once a while, posting how-to's, tutorials and tricks of the trade, helps you establish your company as an expert. This way, not only professionals, but new users or curious learners will also reach out to you for the learning elements in your posts. A key pointer to always remember while using LinkedIn for business for growth is to utilize their other features other than just content, like LinkedIn Jobs.

Kumar has hired some great resources through it, and feels that it helps you establish a brand. Nothing works better than offering someone a better work opportunity. People also tend to share job opportunities within their circle and peers, all the while extending your reach in the community. Another great way is to utilize the statistics and analytics before planning your posts and content, it may take some time to understand and get used to, but if you understand your user behaviour you can then optimize and update your strategies accordingly to maximize your growth.

Insight and Industry Predictions Are a Must

For Anubhav Agarwal, CEO and founder,, puts special emphasis on the content, which he feels should be always be in long form and original, written with good thought and expertise. This, according to him, ensures that you are far ahead of your competition.

"The content must be industry adjacent depending on the person and the industry which the individual caters too. It should interest your clients and target market and should be relevant to your product and industry. The key is to share information that interests your customers when they don't need your product or services. The content should be terse and to the point addressing the need and the benefits of it," he cautioned.

Agarwal also wants the LinkedIn post's to include pictures and new content time and again to make it interesting and create value among the clients. "Posts should have a mention of latest and greatest industry trends to make it more interesting for the end users. You should always share your opinion about the product or service in the posts of your content posted on LinkedIn, and share industry insights with the customers," he notified further.

While promoting your content through posts, it is also important to make predictions about the market you are targeting which are realistic and true to achieve.

Learn The Tricks

In our digital world, we are bombarded with posts on various social media platforms. Linkedin is a platform where professionals connect to do great deeds together. What seems quite obvious is not for everyone to understand naturally. Soumyajit Das, founder, Albaton Automobili Pvt. Ltd considers it important to decipher the myth and break down the architecture to understand why some posts show remarkable results, and some don't. Listed are some interesting concepts Das implemented to make his Linkedin post go viral.

  • The post was short simple and precise

  • It was very well targeted, who the post was for

  • The fundamentals of communication are the magic words

Formatting and exotic linguistics, feels Das, is another part of communication that helps in polarizing the audience. For mass posting, Das believes, power-words differentiate the ordinary with the viral. "When one communicates, the words chosen speak for the speaker's attitude and insight on the matter. More often than not "Keep it small, keeps it simple" works the best," advocated the young-preneur who goes by the dictum communication is Simple, Don't complicate it.

Baishali Mukherjee

Former Freelancer

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