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Why M-health Apps are the New Revolution India is Bidding For Healthcare is a basic need for every individual in today's world.

By Deepak Tomar

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Wherever you go, whatever you see, technology is ruling the world, so how can health sectors stay untouched. Healthcare is a basic need for every individual in today's world. The majority of the population is going digital to attain this basic need. Smartphones have become a vital part of our daily life, so are the applications. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has rapidly become easy and accessible in recent years, thanks to the mobile technology which is creating marvels in the healthcare industry.

Every day we see the emergence of new technologies in mobile healthcare apps. Apps are the most prevalent mobile healthcare solution, keeping in mind the convenience factor. In recent times, there is no surprise to witness an increasing number of mobile health-related application downloads.

M-health(mobile health) apps provide flexibility to families as well as caregivers. Infact, latest technologies in the medical industry allow caregivers to do their jobs more efficiently. The field of mobile healthcare apps is growing rapidly and with this, there is an immense growth in "home healthcare' segment as well. Healthcare professionals can now provide health care in the remote area or underdeveloped nations through mobile health technology.

The detailed information system provided on the mobile applications provides an easy flow between the doctor and the patient helping out in choosing the most reliable medical practitioner and getting access to healthcare. Infact features like book an appointment online initiates the easy availability and access to a medical practitioner and the medical services which were once hard to find.

Other benefits of mobile healthcare app include:

  • It provides quick responses to the patients
  • It enhances the growth of the medical industry with much-raisedstandards
  • It contributes in keeping a better health surveillance by making digital patient records and health monitoring
  • With features like recommendation engine, wherein cost estimation of any medical procedure to be done can be predicted before is a great help when planning for long medical procedures
  • It promotes digitalization with the digital payments and medical information provided in the app itself
  • It reduces the burden of visiting hospitals and chemist for basic needs with the help of chat support through the app, improving the quality of home healthcare
  • It provides real-time monitoring of every patient's details to provide quick assistance during an emergency

Smartphones and applications have become ubiquitous in the educational field. As far as medical education and training are concerned, healthcare mobile apps play an increasingly important role in medical tutoring and impart guidance to school or college students. To access information about medical conditions, drugs, treatments, health care students are largely dependent on healthcare mobile apps.

The future trends for smartphones and applications in healthcare making a bold move towards tech- friendly era. Further, to improve memory, verbal or numerical reasoning, there are mobile apps integrated with brain-health technology. In addition to this, mobile health apps that come with Electronic Health Record (EHR) allows access to clinical information which further benefits patients and makes visit smooth and easy.

With technological advancements, now patients can easily track their own health status through mobile health apps and take precautions timely to avoid diseases.

So adapt to mobile technology and stay updated on health!!!

Deepak Tomar

Founder, HeyCare

Deepak Tomar is the Founder of HeyCare. HeyCare mobile app is a platform designed to empower patients in taking care of their health and medications. 

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