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An office for those married to their job The workplace is now synonymous with the workforce more than ever before

By Tripti Rai

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Today's workforce who understands, and readily accepts, the need of the hour to be on call every time is now moving forward with the flexi work timings and vacation perks. For them, the demand to be present, mindedly, needs to be supported with a space that meets all their social cravings. And that is exactly what a startup should be focusing on. It is time to move on from the traditional ways of employee retention, now to keep the cream with you, happily, you will have to give them the best facilities.

Here are the four infrastructure must-haves that make an office the number one place to work for. As a startup looking for dedicated employees, you should aim to have, if not all, at least, most of these in your space.

The Mediums to recreate

From in-office mini theatres to pool table and swimming pool to ice skating rink, and miniature golf course, corporates around the world are consciously investing to make life fun for the employees. Companies, like Google and Facebook, which have added the recreation touch to their space are usually ranked as the most preferred employers round the world. As someone staying in the office for more than 10-12 hours, every day, these facilities are a medium to unblock the creative clot.

A Space for the pets

While allotting a day care space has been in trend for some time now, the corporate are slowly moving towards a pet-friendly arena. Working with the aim to switch employees from working like a dog to working with a dog, every now and then, companies are now turning their pet-friendly mode on. Establishments like AnchorFree, Media1, and Kurgo provide space and care for employee's pets. The only way an employee who sleep, eat, rave in office, stay focused is when they have their furry companions for life with them and not home alone.

The Multi cuisine options

Chuck the regional cuisine and add multi regional or international cuisine to the menu, has become the new mantra of companies, which have their branches worldwide. The objective of providing healthy food is added with the taste and variety factor. In a survey conducted by Seamless in 2014, it was found that around 57 percent of employees say that food-based perks given by the companies would give them the impression of being more appreciated and valued, 50 percent mentioned that food-based perks will increase their satisfaction with the employers, and 38 percent sworn that the food-related perks would incline them to rate the company high in any "Best Offices to Work in" survey. It is about time to make the employees well fed in both health and options.

A Corner to sleep

Employees, even when they work for late hours, every day of the week, should not be mistaken for zombies. They need their sleep to regain concentration and for productivity. Basing this as a fact, companies like Procter and Gamble, NASA, and Facebook have already introduced sleeping pods as their must have furniture for the office. Today's generation knows that the sleeping pods are meant for the employees to use for power naps, leaving the employers unworried about them sleeping on the job.

Although the maintenance cost is high, but the blend of unhindered focus and dedication makes it, all the investments, priceless. The end, of both the need of the hour and the long run, is the same – employee retention. And the means to reach this end is keeping the cream employees in the company, performing at their best, which is only possible when they feel at home in a place where they spend a lot more time as vis-à-vis their house.

Tripti Rai


Being in the writing business for several years now, Tripti Rai is presently focussing on unfolding the elements that make mobile devices interesting. Currently associated with Appinventiv as a Content Manager, she is keeping herself well read with how lives are/ about to change in the wake of world entering the Mobile Era and how to prepare the world for the race. When not writing, you can find her slurping chocolate shake in a stray dog’s company.

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