4 Business Resolutions for 2019

If you want to boost your business, improve your career prospects and enjoy your work and life more, try to add these resolutions in your list

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By Arati Naik • Dec 20, 2018


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When someone says "New Year's Resolutions" the things that hit our mind are eating healthy or joining a gym or learning something interesting, doesn't it? We all agree that the start of a new year is the perfect excuse to make personal resolutions, however, it's an ideal time to make some resolutions that would help your business thrive.

The beginning of a new year offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to reflect on the past year with all its peaks and valleys and strategize for the coming year with those learning's in mind. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, one should always think about the alterations they can make and innovations they can introduce to scale up their business. Thus, here are four key resolutions that entrepreneurs can make a note of in order to achieve their business goals.

Grow As A Leader:

Growth in leadership is obligatory and not optional. To grow as a leader one needs to give up the things that they are familiar with and do things in new ways. In order to grow, one needs to constantly master new competencies, instead of relying on the skills that they already have. Successful leaders are the ones who constantly update and expand their skills and knowledge. In the coming year, it is important to take a resolution to challenge our comfort zone, rather get comfortable being uncomfortable because that's how you grow.

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow" - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Keep up With the Industry Trends:

Staying up to date with the constantly shifting industry trends may sound difficult, however, being aware of changes happening in the industry can help you stay ahead of the curve. The easiest way to keep the track of the trends is by following the top trendsetters online, meeting up people in industry events, subscribing to business blogs and magazines. Staying connected to the industry through all these mediums will provide you with a more valuable perspective on what people are currently interested in and how you can develop your strategies to align the same. These can also aid you to predict potential opportunities and threats.

"The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings" - Kakuzo Okakaura

Be Adaptable:

Tracking industry trends is an absolutely important element, however, one needs to adapt to those trends in real time to fulfil the market needs. One trait that successful businesses often have in common is the ability to switch directions promptly in response to ongoing changes in the market. By being agile, one can test different approaches and find out what works best for the business.

"An adaptable company is one that captures more than its fair share of new opportunities. It's always redefining its 'core business' in ways that open up new avenues for growth" - Gary Hamel

Learn to Manage Stress:

Running a business offers freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, however at the same time it's fraught with anxiety and that can lead to stress. Thus, Stress management is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. The key to winning your game is to manage stress and re-direct it towards a positive outcome. A big difference between successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is their ability to manage stress. This is the perfect time to add this resolution to your list as this will not only help you grow your business but will also have a positive impact on your personal life.

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it" - ENA HORNE

Wishing you luck for the new year and may 2019 will be the year where you will bring all of your resolutions to fruition.

Arati Naik

COO, Digisol Systems Ltd

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