Harnessing The Power Of Ecosystems: Creating Innovation Through Real Needs Currently bootstrapped, it also plans to go for fundraising in early 2024 with its first innovative technology product proof of concept

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Jaji Vijayaraman, Founder, INICIOTEK (P) Ltd

The world today needs innovations and new technology products that address the needs of the industries and society. Sensing this, Jaji Vijayaraman established INICIOTEK (P) LTD on 16th January 2023 inside Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Chennai campus. "It's a start up focusing on innovations, creating out of box solutions addressing real needs. An enabler of Innovation & Research by being a catalyst for Industry-Academia towards creating a stronger ecosystem."

INICIOTEK is currently working on a green technology that aims to address pollutants (harmful gases) emissions. In mere 8 months of its commencement, INICIOTEK has achieved a breakthrough in research, and has early proof of concept being developed and tested.

"INICIOTEK Has Achieved A Breakthrough In Research With Poc"

"INICIOTEK is probably one of its kind of start-up purely focusing on creating innovative solutions with a strong academia ecosystem. Our first patent filed innovation is at the early stage of research, and have already achieved a breakthrough with promising results. The prototype being developed and tested. We will be approaching relevant industry people for possible collaboration and joint development to take this technology to the next level in early 2024," says Jaji Vijayaraman.

According to Vijayaraman, no competition exists as of now as their technology is novel and patent filed. Also, as our VISION states INICIOTEK will be a creator of technology and transfer them to the relevant industry to go to market," adds Jaji Vijayaraman.

Working with academia on industrial research has its challenges from inherent gaps between academia and industry expectations, according to Jaji Vijayaraman. However, it was a deliberate effort by INICIOTEK to work collaboratively with academia and bring a transformation as a whole for a larger benefit in the long-term.

Going forward, INICIOTEK will continue to work on creating innovative/ new technologies together with the university ecosystem on Research & validation of ideation with proof of concepts. "We are looking at a Pre- Series Development Center to take the validated concepts to the next stage of application engineering & development," says Jaji Vijayaraman.

Currently bootstrapped, it also plans to go for fundraising in early 2024 with its first innovative technology product proof of concept.

Those looking to start their journey in this sector, Jaji Vijayaraman advises to have an idea and drive it with full commitment and passion. "Set a high-level vision for your organization. What you want, how you want to achieve it & with a long term objective. Make sure you are always on track with regard to it and never compromise on it," concludes Jaji Vijayaraman.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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