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Enterprise Content Management: A Perfect Shield for Every Organization's Human Resource Data An effective ECM offers flexibility to access or deliver content over mobile and cloud, creating a highly connected and digital workplace

By Surender Jeet Raj

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Human resource (HR) department in every organization, big or small, performs the crucial task of hiring, motivating and maintaining the entire workforce. Over and above that, is a pile of data, ranging from recruitment, training, compensation information, employee benefits, performance management records, etc. Collecting, maintaining, storing, and organizing data is not a cakewalk and translates into mammoth paperwork.

The data-rich HR needs to use this information in a scientific way while meeting compliance requirements and ensuring the data is secure and accessible only to the right people.

Data Security: A Top Priority for HR

Data is the biggest asset that any HR has. There is a myriad of documents full of sensitive employee information. Every company's HR department is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information about candidates, employees and clients. Being actively involved in hiring, training, and retaining employees, HR is required to circulate policies-related communications to everyone. Further, their role involves sharing internal information like employees' data with external vendors like transport companies, mediclaim providers, banks, etc.

With the large amount of information flow inside and outside the organization, ensuring the security can be a daunting task if the data is in the physical form.Further, storing all this critical information on paper can pose a huge risk to both the company and the employees.

Over and above this, there is a risk of natural disasters. In case of any unforeseen events like flood, fire, robbery, etc., there is a greatfear of damage to the documents if they are in the physical form.

Given all this, companies cannot ignore the importance of data security, privacy, and compliance. They need to be proactive and work closely with their IT teams to streamline and automate data processes to minimize security risks.

ECM is the Solution!

The easy solution lies in the enterprise content management (ECM) platform that connects content and processes while giving agility to operations and context to data. ECM offers smart tools to capture content from multiple sources, manage it in a secure centralized repository and make information accessible across content-centric processes.

ECM can Make Data Safer and HR Functioning Smoother!

An effective ECM offers flexibility to access or deliver content over mobile and cloud, creating a highly connected and digital workplace. Further, it helps enterprises mitigate business risks by ensuring compliance with various regulatory requirements and securing business critical information.

  • Security & Compliance:Robust records management helps in ensuring compliance and document security. Enterprise content management solution protects information from internal security breaches by allowing HR to control access to data.

  • Audit and Disaster Ready: In case of internal or external audits, it is required to present the data in a timely and organized manner. With data stored in a centralized system, the organization does not suffer in case of any audit or a natural disaster.

  • Improved Productivity:With access to data anytime, anywhere, HR department can be more responsive, thereby enhancing their productivity.

  • Reduction in Costs:ECM platform can be leveraged across multiple business systems and applications. This helps organizations in reducing operating costs through electronic handling of critical content in all forms, from its capture, storage, and management to delivery.

In a nutshell, a robust ECM helps in mitigating the data security risk while improving the experience for employees as well as external stakeholders through faster and personalized responses by accessing the right information at the right time. Also, with the elimination of paper-based processes, HR can focus on the core role of nurturing people, improving the hiring process, and increasing employee retention.

Surender Jeet Raj

Senior vice-president (Human resources operations), Newgen Software

Surender Jeet Raj, aged 60, is our senior vice-president (human resources operations). He holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in arts with specialization in social works from the Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. He was appointed as the manager, human resources department and administration with effect from June 7, 1993 and as the senior vice-president (human resources operations) with effect from April 1, 2006. He has previously also worked with Eicher Goodearth Limited, SRF Nippondenso Limited, PCS Data Products Limited and Semiconductor Complex Limited. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of human resources development. He is responsible for our human resources strategy, global operations and programs aligned human resource strategy.

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