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How to Be an Excellent Manager without Being Bossy Make your actions count - not the loudness of your voice!

By Rustam Singh

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So you're in a position of power at your startup, have a team of dedicated employees (or a team of those that work relatively acceptably without messing up too much), got your resources and funding and are starting enthusiastically. However, no matter much you plan, there would be one factor you can never really account for completely, and has a high possibility of messing up eventually whenever it feels like it. That's the human factor – because humans, no matter what position or business, will eventually have moments where they aren't their best and may need a firm but comforting hand to help point towards the right direction. How do you a favorite manager that gets work done without being hated by everyone who works under you?

An ideal boss would understand and adjust himself/herself accordingly to the situation,, reach company's goals and yet have all employees within their comfort zone working great. Here are some simple tips to follow that can make you an ideal boss:

Remember you work with them, not above them

You're all in the same boat together. Try to remember that a startup is different from a regular form of business since everyone's equally in the situation together. Try to explain your employees the similar policy. Instead of expecting employees to work under you like you're their supreme leader, tyr to explain to them that the startup's progress and achievements would be imply their own achievements. Such a positive attitude encourages others to also be progressive.

Consider sharing profits on the basis of commissions

Having a pay package policy that shares profits on the basis of work you do, or having shares with your employees is the surest way to encourage lots of growth. This also acts as sort of insurance for when times are rough and keeps everyone's spirits high when business runs successfully.

Be transparent in your approach

While some enthusiastic bosses may literally have the room of their office/cabin removed to encourage communication, all you really need is a positive, encouraging and transparent attitude to win your employees hearts. Be bold and share your own and everyone else's salary – nothing can possibly win the truth of your employees more than this. Have progress reports, complains as well as failures shared openly with your employees.

Bifurcate job

You're not a superhuman even if you feel like so, and neither is any of your employees even if their resume says so. Divide work among employees in a way that there's a clear division of work, so one person is not doing multiple jobs and juggling through different areas of expertise. For example, expecting your writers to also be worried about handling social media is negative to the growth of your writers.

Praise success instead of highlighting failures

What exactly do you hope to achieve by shouting at employees or threatening to cut privileges if they fail to meet deadlines? Threats only ensure an early resignation and surprise quitting, not encouraging them to grow more. By focusing your energy on those that did well and praising them, you raise the standard expecting form your employees and thus subconsciously encourage them to match their growth. Remember: scare tactics have literally never led to better growth, in any field at all.

Value your employees by treating them personally

Try to imagine your employees to be actual human beings with varied personal and social lives. Now picturize yourself in their place. Was someone working out great previously and has had an unproductive week suddenly? Maybe there's a deeper personal reason behind it. Instead of reminding them how easy it will be to fire them, try to reach out to them and ask what's wrong. Maybe they just need a break, or maybe there's some hindrance stopping them from working their full potential. Having a routinely reward system, even simply a pizza party is sufficient for everyone to stay happy.

Utilize these simple policies and try to cut down the formal atmosphere in your startup. Happy employees mean more productivity. What're your secret leadership policies? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

Rustam Singh

Sub-Editor- Entrepreneur.com

Tech reporter.

Contact me if you have a truly unique technology related startup looking for a review and coverage, especially a crowd-funded project looking to launch and coverage.

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