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International Security Firm Welcomes Female India Native to an Essential Leadership Position Yasmin Brar has been appointed as the Operations Strategy Director, a role that underscores the company's commitment to innovation, expansion, and strategic management

By Vaibhav Sethi

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Yasmin Brar

In an exciting move for USPA Nationwide Security, Yasmin Brar has been appointed as the Operations Strategy Director, a role that underscores the company's commitment to innovation, expansion, and strategic management. Brar's appointment marks a significant milestone for USPA, as she becomes the second female executive-level owner in the firm's history, bringing a wealth of experience, a unique set of skills, and a deep commitment to social impact through her new position.

Yasmin Brar comes from a background marked by dedication and service. The daughter of a career military veteran who served in the Indian Army's engineer corps for 30 years, Yasmin has inherited a strong sense of duty and a work ethic that has propelled her through an impressive career. Holding a master's degree in English alongside certifications in Digital Marketing, Brar has a well-rounded academic background that complements her professional achievements.

Before joining USPA Nationwide Security, Yasmin was a Team Lead at Google in Toronto, Canada, where she demonstrated her leadership skills and her ability to drive success in highly competitive environments. Her journey from Google to USPA Nationwide Security is a testament to her adaptability and her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Yasmin is not the only achiever in her family. She comes from a lineage of hardworking and accomplished individuals, including her sister, Sukhmani Randhawa, who serves as a project manager for a healthcare system in Washington DC. This family background of achievement and service has undoubtedly influenced Yasmin's career trajectory and her approach to leadership and operations management.

At USPA Nationwide Security, Yasmin will be working within the operations management division in an executive leadership role specifically created to address the need for enhanced management, innovation, and expansion. This role is a crucial addition to the USPA team, as it reflects the company's proactive approach to scaling its impact and improving its services across the board.

Yasmin's appointment was spearheaded by the firm's Founder, Michael Evans, who recognized the need for someone with her credentials, work ethic, and moral compass. After presenting her application to the board, it was unanimously decided that Yasmin would not only join the team but also retain ownership in the firm, contributing significantly to its future direction.

"We are thrilled to welcome Yasmin Brar to our team at USPA Nationwide Security," says Daniel Manning, the firm's CEO. "Yasmin's impressive accomplishments and extensive education, combined with her exemplary moral character, are exactly what we need in an executive role. Her proven leadership abilities and dedication to making a difference not only align with our core values but also enhance our mission to innovate and expand our impact. Yasmin's unique blend of skills and her commitment to service make her an invaluable addition to our executive team. We are confident that her contributions will lead us toward a brighter, more secure future for the communities we serve."

What drew Yasmin to USPA Nationwide Security was the company's commitment to using its profits for social good, particularly through its collaboration with Kingsman. This initiative offers free services for women and children, aligning with Yasmin's values and her desire to make a tangible difference in the world. The symmetry between USPA Nationwide Security's operations and Kingsman's mission to locate missing girls was a key factor in her decision to join the firm, highlighting her dedication to leveraging her role for greater societal impact.

As Yasmin Brar steps into her new role at USPA Nationwide Security, she brings not only her professional expertise and leadership skills but also a deep commitment to the company's social mission. Her appointment is a promising development for USPA, signaling a future where the company not only grows its operations but also deepens its impact on communities around the world.


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