The Driven Entrepreneur: Harsh Patel His bold vision has made W&S a global name today with a presence in four continents and over 10 countries.

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Founder and Global CEO, Water and Shark

Harsh Patel founded his Accountancy and Legal Consulting Firm 'Water and Shark' in 2012 at the mere age of 19. However, the age did not limit him from taking the consultancy firm to where it is today. In fact, his bold vision has made W&S a global name today with a presence in four continents and over 10 countries.

So, how has the journey been so far for the founder and global CEO? "Reflecting on my journey as a CEO, one of the most formidable challenges I encountered was steering our organization through the intricate landscape of international expansion. The complexities of adapting to diverse cultures, navigating intricate regulations, and deciphering ever-evolving market dynamics presented a formidable task," he shares.

In the dynamic workplace the world is now embracing, how does Patel lead his team? And how does he define his leadership style? "From day one, I held a steadfast belief that our ambitious goals were attainable, and I made it my mission to infuse this belief within our team." He holds adaptability and flexibility key to the whole process. Being the captain of the ship, how does he juggle between operations and keeping investors content? The answer lies in commitment and keeping themselves adept with evolving trends. "Our mission is clear: to not just keep pace with industry trends but to pioneer them, consistently staying one step ahead and proactively anticipating shifts in client preferences and needs. This forward-thinking approach is ingrained in our DNA, driving us to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations."

He holds his employees as the cornerstone of W&S' success, "To sustain our organization's agility and innovative spirit, we've nurtured a culture rooted in adaptability and unwavering resilience. Our team embodies a mindset that transforms obstacles into stepping stones, always seeking opportunities within challenges. When external factors attempt to hinder our agility, we harness the collective creativity of our team to forge innovative solutions and construct the vital infrastructure required to propel us towards our objectives."

Leading a global company is not a cakewalk and many times does not leave room for anything else. But Patel ensures to devote time to his personal growth, "I hold personal growth in the highest regard, recognizing its critical importance in navigating the ever-changing business landscape. My commitment to personal development takes on a distinctive and personalized form." He believes personal growth is essential to his leadership and entrepreneurial journey and does not shy away from seeking guidance from seasoned individuals for wisdom and inspiration.

In the current times of AI hype and adoption, how are he and W&S keeping up? "Our training programs are designed to empower our employees to seamlessly collaborate with AI, underscoring the enduring importance of human judgment, creativity, and empathy in the services we provide. In our journey, we see AI not as a replacement for people but as an ally, enabling us to achieve even greater heights while preserving the essence of what makes our organization truly exceptionalthe human factor," he adds.

Fact File

• Age: 30

• Year of joining the current organization: 2012

• Total team size: Global Team 100+

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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