How do you Achieve Holistic Happiness at Your Business?

Holistic spirituality could be the answer to modern-day workplace problems

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While in entrepreneurship, there is bound to be hectic working and workplace problems. If you are a startup founder or business owner having begun for the first time or potentially desirous of starting a venture on your own, then it becomes a mandate to ensure that the sheer amount of work does not end up in you facing a potential burnout-like situation.

Hence, it becomes the need of the hour for you as a young entrepreneur to inculcate stress-busters while at work; and even outside; spirituality could also help you find your feet calmly in today's entrepreneurial world which is fast paced with cut-throat competition between peers.

With holistic spirituality being the criteria, Entrepreneur India attempts at exploring the various nuances of adapting a yogic lifestyle. Check these aspects out, below:

Positivity is the need of the hour, more than stress-busters

"Foremost, it is important to understand that spiritual practices are not the same as religious practices," cautions Arun Thukral who is CEO and MD at Axis Securities.

"Spirituality is concerned with an individual's interpretation of spirit and her/his journey to find a deeper meaning to life. Practising spirituality at workplace embodies this spirit to help employees find a meaning in their work and tap their highest potential," he adds.

Now, the key takeaway here is ascribing to spirituality to help in the long run rather than only just at the office to beat work stress. Work stress management could just be an icing on the cake, with the cake itself being spirituality and inner wellness to last a lifetime. This should help you in feeling positive even during the most stressful of situations and at negative times at the office.

"There are no problems. There are only situations, some you know how to handle and some you don't know how to handle. What is a problem for one person is opportunity for another," stated Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in one of his 2017 interactions.

Hence, it becomes imminent that the pain-points are properly analysed without taking a personal angle. With today's offices filled with these pain-points almost to the brim, these require appropriate identification to then address them from spheres outside the emotional realm.

Your wellness appointee could do wonders

With spirituality dealing in the finding of inner self and true happiness, it only makes sense for your businesses to have a dedicated "Happiness Mentor" who could not only conduct holistic spiritual workshops, but also serve as a shoulder to lean on when either your employees or you require a helping hand.

There would be no need to profess religious beliefs here, but more spiritual learnings outside the bondage of religion. Happiness an always be propagated. When done, positive vibes generally flow within your office; thereby enabling you to get work done better.

"One of the biggest factors for stress is employees' inability to be worriless for even 10 minutes. People talk about meditation but that is evolved. One needs to clear the cluttered mind before meditation but that may become a problem," states Siddharth Upadhyaya who is Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at OurHealthMate.

This is where your wellness appointee could come in handy; after all your employees and you deserve to be happy.

Working for society has its own benefits

Undoubtedly, working for society and donating towards the right causes makes any human being happy. Same holds true for your business as well; hence, try and have your business goals and products focused on society. If not feasible, at least have a proper CSR policy in place wherein you are motivated to actually work on ground to address societal problems.

"But more than entrepreneurship dedicated to the economic advancement, we need social entrepreneurship in India. Social entrepreneurs are individuals that recognize a social problem and uses entrepreneurial tools and technique to create a social impact," believes Anish Passi who is Director at Neostencil.

Passi's statement hits the nail squarely on the head with respect to societal focus being a criteria for modern-day entrepreneurship. If you have your products targeted for societal happiness, then holistic spirituality is achieved without you even aiming for it.

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