4 Ways to Bid 2023 Adieu And Usher In The New Year It's the perfect time to reflect on your year, set new goals for the coming year, and celebrate all you've done throughout 2023. However, at this point we are all in the same funky mood where if a single person asked us 'What is the plan for the 31st?' or any other question remotely familiar we would most definitely snap

By Kavya Pillai

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Dmitriy Zub

If one were to think about it, New Year's Eve is pretty momentous after a year filled with happy moments, challenges, and memories. And since it's such a special occasion, we think it shouldn't just be treated like any other day. It's the perfect time to reflect on your year, set new goals for the coming year, and celebrate all you've done throughout 2023.

However, at this point we are all in the same funky mood where if a single person asked us 'What is the plan for the 31st?'or any other question remotely familiar we would most definitely snap. Radhika Bangia a content creator and actor advised,"Since there's a lot of pressure around this holiday, and after hustling all year round one should just sit back relax, spend time with their friends and family." If this is not your cup of tea and to save you from this random self combustion or falling into a spiral of self reflection we spoke to a few more individuals and present you with a list of four other ways you could usher in the new year.

1. The Laid Back Outing

If this Christmas was a little too merry and you are looking to strike the balance between going all out and getting home in bed at a reasonable hour then we have just the plan for you. Suren Joshi, a Mumbai based restaurateur along with his team has created an evening with the perfect indoor- outdoor blend. "We're flipping the script on celebrations with our chill garden vibes and mouth watering wholesome delights. It's not your usual party scene, we're all about good food, good times, and the Sukoon feeling in the city," he said.

2. Dancing the Night Away

Be sure to queue up the very best track before the ball drops so it plays as the clock strikes midnight. Then, may we suggest a dance party or a round of celebratory karaoke? Atul Chopra, Co-founder of the restaurant in mumbai named Yazu shared, "our showcases an unwavering determination to embrace the best of both worlds, ensuring an unforgettable start to the upcoming year amidst two vibrant and exciting settings." One could also add themes to these dance parties to set the mood, like Ayush Gupta the CEO of Ditas with his"To The Future party" "a vibrant and joyous event designed with your happiness in mind, ensuring a memorable start to the New Year surrounded by music, cheer, and loved ones," he explained.

3. Weekend Getaway

Since New Year's has blissfully landed itself on a weekend, taking an actually break from work and other commitments is a must.Dev Raiyani an independent R&B Artist suggested, "Embarking on a getaway to Goa with near and dear ones for a more serene start to the new year." His plan revolves around embracing the calmness of the beach, steering clear of the energetic party atmosphere that characterizes New Year's celebrations in the City. "After experiencing the vibrant and lively festivities in the city, we're seeking a change of pace and have a more laid-back approach to welcome the upcoming year," he shared. The focus is on relishing the soothing coastal ambiance, a sense of calm and togetherness with family to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.

4. Explore Another Culture

There is never a bad time to learn something new. The act of immersing oneself in a foreign culture and understanding the varied lifestyles followed across the globe is an art. Rahul Jhangiani, Celebrity Photographer and Entrepreneur shared, "My plans for the upcoming long weekend are a little longer, as I will be embarking on a thrilling journey across Europe, exploring vibrant cities in three incredible countries - Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. I have always been fascinated by the diverse cultures, historical landmarks, and mouthwatering cuisine of these countries, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to experience them firsthand. My itinerary is packed with exciting destinations, ensuring that I make the most of this adventure."

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