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6 Most Popular Mobile Games Of All Time For Entrepreneurs To Play Entrepreneurs can also reduce stress and boost their mood with these games

By Puneet Kapani

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Online mobile gaming has emerged with several distinguishing features. These mobile games are basically designed for mobile devices and can be played online. Built with extra features and hundreds of attributes, these mobile games can be played on features phones such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, androids, and iOS platforms.

Today, smartphones are specifically designed with a wide range of fast Internet connectivity features to enable online mobile games to be connected instantly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G. Every year, millions of reviews of online mobile games to play are done. Just for a start, you must not be having enough time to review everything, but you can pick out the most delightful series of mobile games instantaneously. Thousands of mobile games are launched every year.

Many entrepreneurs love to play these games that can actually help boost your mood. Divij Bajaj, CEO, Power Gummies, says, "I love the PS4. Playing games like Call of Duty, Fifa and GTA are a stress-buster for me. Call of Duty and FIFA are amongst my favorite games. These multi-player games are extremely thrilling, especially with their various game modes."

"Such video games highlight the importance of team effort in order to win. These mission-oriented, real-life-like games not only help you release your stress and boost your mood instantly but can also help you learn about strategizing, teamwork and leadership. Skills that are important for any entrepreneur."

So, at a quick glance, here we will review the best mobile games of 2021 by their google review ranking. Let's not stall you, just get to the below list.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is the world's No. 1 online mobile game which has been reimagined in several ways. Based on the GTA games, it comes under the dynamic range of mobile games that land you at San Andreas. The three foremost characters like Franklin, Michael, and Trevor have distinctive personality traits that frequently bring new challenges to this game. Overall, the game is full of encounters, massive, diverse, and of course, beautiful!

Assassin Creed-Valhalla

Like the old version of Assassin's Creed-Odyssey that origins with utmost curiosity, Assassin Creed-Valhalla keeps the series trajectory in the overwhelmed open-world RPG. In this latest series of Assassin Creed, Valhalla has a major orientation towards the recreational world of Dark Ages England. Here, you will find various things to endeavor to explore and to discover many challenges around Valhalla's world.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has its own number one identity in open-world action-playing games. This prevalent game is designed with natural surroundings that explode in a great horrible environment that can be played on both android and iOS devices. You would experience a magical twist that roaming across the universe without apparent reasons. When an influential and mysterious deity thinks too full of them to leap between the certainties as they are, it must come to end. Subsequently, the self-proclaimed deity kidnaps the power of others, left them trapped into a strange world searching for their family and a way to their home.

GRID Autosport

This game is denominated by the funny cars at GRID Autosport's Racing. The craving of driving the car is like all-out attacks on the senses as the driver attempts to pacify the 8,000 horsepower while being strapped at the speed of 300 miles per hour. This game gives you an auto-drive gaming experience. You will feel the stunning visual effects as much as your original PC.


The essence of GRIS is overwhelmed with colors like a name of an individual that starts with black and white. This game makes perfect sense with these characters. The mechanism of GRIS revolves around questing the colors and releasing the colors by unlocking them. GRIS just not gives you a gaming feel; it gives you the miscellaneous experience of making a movie. It is not just a game; it creates a melancholic feeling in the player's mind.

Game of Thrones-Beyond the Wall

It is one of the incredible Web series that has broken many records. Nevertheless, all disappointing seasons of 8 endings, people still love to play this game. The game is currently built-in beta testing phase but its features are disclosed by GOT community via Reddit. Further, it has the power to stand in the list of top 10 mobile games.

Puneet Kapani

Former Features Editor

Puneet Kapani, former features editor for Entrepreneur India, is self-driven and passionate about happenings and nuances of the world. She writes on lifestyle, gadgets, beauty, wellness, entertainment and technology updates around the globe. She has previously worked with L’Officiel India magazine, FHM Magazine and Times Internet. 

Catch a glimpse of her work at @PuneetKapani on LinkedIn and @puneetkapani on Instagram.

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