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6 Reasons You Need a Day At the Spa Whether you're a man or a woman, this post is dedicated to teaching you some little-known benefits associated with spa

By Anirban Roy

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Some years back, a man walked into our beauty parlor here in Delhi. He was accompanying his wife (or so it seemed). From his words, you could tell he's not a sucker for stuff like beauty treatments and spas.

Even though one of our staff tried to get him to have his manicure and pedicure, this man refused blatantly, claiming stuff like that should be best served for women.

Fact! It is true women are mostly the ones longing for beauty and spa treatments. But what most people fail to realize is spa treatments are actually beneficial for everyone, irrespective of their gender.

Whether you're a man or a woman, this post is dedicated to teaching you some little-known benefits associated with spa.

Brace yourself, my friend, some of these spa benefits are bound to leave you amazed.

Benefits of spa day: 6 reasons you need a day at the spa

Improve blood flow and counters high blood pressure: No thanks to the kinds of lives we all lead; the average human lives with temporary spikes in their blood pressure. As you bump from your home to your office, commute from railroads to bus stations, your body produces surges of hormones, which temporarily increase your blood pressure and cause your heart to beat faster and your blood vessels to narrow.

In short, the stressful situations we find ourselves in on a daily basis cause our blood pressure to rise temporarily.

You know one thing that can help fix this and restore normalcy to our blood circulation? A day at the spa. Spas offer services like heat therapy, hydrotherapy, and massage – these treatments regularize the blood flow.

Stress relief: You're never going to get adequate rest sleeping in your house. Even if you leave alone, there's still the possibility of jumping on the next Netflix series, attempting to fix something to eat, or doing other stuff.

But you know where else you can get uninterrupted rest and stress relief? At a spa center. Most spa centers, like this Mehndi in Delhi, have all the right set up to help you de-stress and relax for all the time you're locked in.

Apart from the evident spa treatments you receive, the meditation and massage services alone are even enough to help you feel pampered and relaxed.

Battery recharge: Do you understand the psychology behind the way you feel at work the next morning after returning from a holiday? Maybe you don't. But you can remember how you always feel refreshed and better motivated to go again, right?

Well, the secret is your batteries have been recharged. After a few days away from the hustles and bustles, you now feel a new burst of energy.

A day at the spa can be likened to a holiday vacation in that it relaxes your mind and recharges your battery.

At the end of every spa session, most people usually claim they feel like they've just been pampered. This feeling is usually translated into work or anything they do next, making them more productive.

Detoxification: Every human, regardless of how perfect they try to live, leaves with a boatload of toxins in their body. In other words, regardless of whether you drink alcohol or not, observe the best dietary plans or not, get adequate sleep, or not, or lead a hygienic life or not; your body is bound to buildup toxins with time.

Often, these toxins weaken our immune system, making us more liable to fall ill.

Guess what? Spa treatments can help get rid of these toxins.

Most spa services often include treatments like deep cleansing, massages, moisturization, facials, and scrubs. These treatments do not only remove impurities, but they also help you sweat out, flush out toxins, and lead a healthy life.

Pain or ache relief: This is obvious already. Everybody knows that massaging the joints in the body helps relieve any existing pain, stress, or ache.

What makes it even better at a spa center is you're receiving the service from a professional who's equipped with the best tools.

So, in a nutshell, you're not just getting massages from someone rubbing their palms against your back, but rather with the right tools, oils, and massaging agents.

What makes spa massages even more exciting is that they can be channeled into treating special pain-related conditions such as arthritis.

In fact, several studies support the claim that spa treatments help with treating arthritis.

Improved skin: You wonder why celebrities like Kim Kardashian have perfect-looking skin - why their skins always glow like glass in music videos? Well, they didn't just get that by applying creams they got off the shelves of stores.

Instead, many of these celebs spend time at spas. They go for body treatments like body washing, scrubs, and facials.

These treatments help maintain their skin, remove aging signs, cut out wrinkles, and eliminate acne and breakouts.

In fact, if you go for deep facials, your esthetician will do more than just the above-listed treatments. You can get other additional benefits like dead skin cell removal so as to reveal the sparkling new skin cells buried under the dead ones you currently see.

Helps you reach your weight loss goals: Finally, I know this may sound hard to believe, but there's actually a correlation between spa treatments and weight loss.

According to several studies, hot spa treatments open up the skin's pores. When this happens, the body is encouraged to ward off toxins and burn calories. When combined with the right dietary plans and exercise, this procedure can be quite effective.

Additionally, it is also believed that deep tissue massages (applying pressure and friction on the skin) assist the body in breaking down fatty deposits, causing a weight drop in the process.
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