#8 Marathons That Show There Is More To Life Than Just Your Corporate Office

Entrepreneur India brings you a list of marathons in India that have to be there in your must-try bucket list

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When travelling for work, have it ever occurred to you that why not stop, shut your files and explore the street outside? Or have you ever come to a point, when the presentation on your laptop no longer hold your attention and all you want to do is escape from that place? Well, if these thoughts often cross your mind, Entrepreneur India brings you the perfect getaway plan where the time belongs to you and just you.

It's about experiencing the thrill that has been missing from your life. Our corporate lives often take a toll on our personal lives, but let 2019 be a little different. To do so, all you need is your favourite pair of sports shoes, a playlist, your headset and run like there is no one watching.

From the Ladakh to Himachal to Maharashtra to Karnataka, every corner in India has something to offer. Here are eight marathons where India runs, sweat and looks at life from a new perspective.

Rishikesh Half Marathon

Source: runningandliving.com

Rishikesh has something for everyone. From 5 km, 10 km and 21km (half marathon), Rishikesh, Uttar Pradesh run get harder and competitive with every step. This one is for the best exposure, giving you time to meet all kind of people. The half marathon is the most popular one because of its scenic location, the flowing river, and tons of people cheering you.

Dates: To Be Announced (Usually takes place in the month of February 2019)

For more details: www.runningandliving.com/rishikesh-xc-25k

Auroville Marathon

Source: AurovilleRadio.org

A marathon that is all about joy! No winner, no records, this is all about "Run for the joy of Running' and everyone who takes part in it, understand the meaning of it.

Pick from 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon. All along you have people guiding you, running along with you, lush of nature all around you and a peaceful atmosphere.

Dates: 10th February 2019

For more details: www.marathon.auroville.com

Corbett R&L Marathon

Source: worldsmarathons.com

If opting for this one, remember you need to sort out your own accommodation, travel to places and more. Like most marathons, this one gives you similar options like the 5Km, 10Km, and half marathon.

Dates: To be announced (Usually takes place in the month of April 2019)

For more details: www.runningandliving.com/corbett-xc-marathon/

Himalayan R & L Marathon

Source: running&living.com

Yet another marathon that pushes you to the edge and checks your stamina. Starting from Sangla, this run takes you over 10,000 feet road and you witness the breathtaking view of the Kinner Kailash range. For people who ai n't used to such weather, it is advised to arrive a few days before and get used to the thin air of Himalayas.

Dates: May 1st – May 3rd, 2019

For more details: www.runningandliving.com/himalayan-xc-marathon/

Mount Abu Half Marathon

Source: worldsmarathons.com

Imagine running from the baseline and moving towards the hill station. From the age of 18 to 60, you have people from different cities running in spirit with you. This one will make you scream, yell, stop for breath but completing it is worth it.

Dates: August 2019

For more details: www.mountabumarathon.com

Ladakh Marathon

Source: ladakmarathon.com

This is where the world's highest marathon takes place. If this isn't something to get you high then nothing in the world is. Way beyond the sea level, this is once in a lifetime experience. Choose from four races that take place- the 7 km race, half marathon, marathon, and the most popular Khardungla Challenge. All the races are set in such routes that you witness the most breathtaking view. If you are a marathon champ Khardungla is for you. This 72 km race pushes you to the edge testing your fitness and mental strength.

Date: 8th September 2019

For more details: www.ladakhmarathon.com

The Kaveri Trail Marathon

Source: worldmarathon.com

How about something down south? The Kaveri Trail Marathon gives you options like 10 km, half marathon or marathon. This enthralling race teaches you a lot. Running along the Kaveri River, the paddy fields and the muddy trail is something you can never forget.

This race isn't for faint-hearted. So hold your horses and get ready to gear on the fifth gear of your life. If you don't try sea, how will you know what is in store for you?

Dates: 9th December 2019

For more details: www.kaveritrailmarathon.com

Goa River Marathon

Source: worldsmarathons.com

Who said Goa was just for party animals. If you are a soul who loves exploring, welcome to another side of Goa for River Marathon held annually at Vasco Da Gama. From Bollywood, tourists to localities, you have a huge number of people coming up for this one.

For more details: www.goarivermarathon.com

Dates: 9th December 2019

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