8 Ways to De-stress Yourself at Work in a Minute

Suppressed emotions, tension and stress has its own way of resurfacing, these strategies will help you de-stress and calm your nerves in the difficult times

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When you think of your 4*4 workspace, peace and calmness aren't the first words that strike your mind. Your day is filled with intense meetings, crazy work hours and heated arguments, but who said your day has to be all about stress? Usually, when something at work upsets you, the best way to deal with it is to understand what is causing the negativity in the first place. Not processing your emotions and cause of stress often leads to serious anxiety, blood pressure, and depression issues.


But let's help you out with some effective ways to de-stress yourself at work at your desk. You won't believe it but it just takes one good breath to transfer you from a bad mood to something that can calm your nerves. Entrepreneur India understands what all one goes through and brings some simple strategies that have proven to reset and relax one's system.

Breathe, It Is Important

Slow and deepen your breath. While this might sound the most basic thing to you, it makes a huge impact. When we are stressed, we release adrenaline, which makes us more stressed and leads to panic conditions. Breathing exercise helps to pacify the anxious mind of ours. The formula is simple, focus your mind on something that your body is doing and it gains composure. Just sit on your chair and count every exhale till 10. Repeat it ten times and notice the difference.

Memory Games

When you are tense, turn to Smartphone games, they are the best saviour. Playing these games bring your brain in a better state of thinking. You can't be emotional while taking decisions, one needs to be rational. Indulging in memory games like Tetris, Puzzle, and Word games make your brainless reactive to stress.

Ask Yourself

Questioning yourself often is the best way to deal with a stress situation. Ask yourself, "Will this issue/ problem matter a few years down the line?" Look at things from a greater context. Because what you do should matter at the long run. Try doing this and what looks like the life-shattering moment for you, will look like a small issue that you can easily deal with.

Write Your Thoughts

You are stressed, once you have gained some control on yourself, put your thought out in a journal. Doing so lets you separate your emotions and gives you a clear vision. Try doing this and you will realise the gravity of the situation is a way to less than what you assumed when you were fuming.

Reboot Your System

The best way to think about things with a clear mindset is to reboot your system. It is exactly like how you turn on and turn off your mobile phone. You sit on your laptop the whole day and it takes a toll on your eyes. Sit straight on your chair, close your eyes and put the heels of your palms on your eyes gently pressing them. This will alleviate the strain and restart your system instantly.

Arms Above Your Head

The sub-title above might simply remind you of a punishment that one used to get in the school. Get up from your chair and stand with your feet apart at a hip distance. Raise your arms above your head, it is one of the best exercises to reduce tension. Next, interlink your finger and turn your palms out and stretch it above your head. Take a deep breath and lift your shoulder till they reach near your ears. Drop them down. Pull your body tight, so your spine is rising tall and your abs are tucked in. Stay in this position for 3-4 breaths. Following this exercise lets, you inhale more oxygen.

Laughing Video

You have just got 60 seconds and laughing is one of the best medicines to reduce your stress. Fill your Youtube/ handset with small hilarious videos and let yourself have a good laughing session.

Sweet Reward For The Brain

Eating the right kind of carbohydrates and sugar can be rewarding for your brain. What makes us recommend this is the fact how eating high calorie, good fat and crabs helps in getting through stressful times.