Here's How Digitization is Improving Interior Design nterior designing on the digital platform provides the opportunity to experience the luxury of designing, online

By Sandesh Dhanraj

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From building businesses and getting feedback to improvising and enhancing communication, the digital platform has revolutionised the entire business model of designing.

What does the entire idea of going digital for interior designing mean? Going digital in interior designing means incorporating various elements such as personalization, inspiration, visualization, empowerment and a lot more in the designing element. Going digital has brought in radical changes in interior designing. Digitalization brings in personalization. Interior designing on the digital platform provides the opportunity to experience the luxury of designing, online. When designing online one gets a visual tour of the appearance of the outcome.

Ideas Shaped Into Reality

Technology helps the designers shape the ideas of the client into reality. The digital concept of designing creates better visualization. The consumer gets the opportunity to have a glimpse of how their idea of a perfect home would appear when brought into reality. The digital concept also helps the consumers to curate the designing to suit their taste. The client gets the opportunity to be the designer of their homes by personalizing the furniture, wall color, home décor pieces and virtually decorating their homes.

Control Over Happenings

The digital platform acts as a remote control that can control the designing process,from adjusting transparency, controlling illumination to working on the pace of designing the digital platform has it all. Digitalization helps in accurate mapping of the available space. The evolution of evaluating the home products with digital intelligence saves a lot of time along with getting artefacts befitting one's choice.

Versatility and Multi-functionality

Incorporating digital layers in designing connects the house to the internet thereby securing it. The digital platform is rapidly changing our expectations by making designing more easy. The versatile nature of digitalization provides ease of access: with a click of a button the visual blueprint of the house can be created. The multi-functionality enables designing from any platform. The future belongs to the digital world, so digitalization of designing helps in mind adaptability for the future.

Empowerment and Engagement

Technology empowers brands by creating a better engagement with the client. The digital platform helps to engage a two-way communication between the client and the company. Digitalization enables the consumers to attain the knowledge about the company's story and values. The traditional relationship between the client and the brand are strengthened by the digital idea of designing. The digital front engages the client and the brand in an active interactive session targeted at attaining a positive outcome.

Cost effective

The digital revolution helps in cost cutting as the progress can be noted online. Online meetings and online conversation between the client and the brand prevents conflicts and allows quick finding of solutions to existing issues. Thus the digital platform has altered the entire concept of designing.


Digitalization provides plenty of ways to decorate your home. There are so many options available in the digital market today: space planning, furniture designing, wall color, artefacts; essentially anything that catches your fancy. The detailed planning done on the digital wall makes designing simpler. Our home is a space that helps us relax. Designing is no longer restricted to the designers or the interior designing companies. The digitalized approach has made it applicable to the home owners as well.

Better Productivity

The digital approach to designing has increased the productivity through a better coordination between the designers and the client. In today's fast-paced busy lifestyle digitalization is the ideal solution for finalizing the design details and eliminating errors, all while saving time. The idea of going digital for interior designing helps to minimise the conflict of ideas between the consumers and the designers.

The Creative Aspect

The digital platform provides the convenience of working from home which brings in creativity. Online planning doesn't just bring out the creativity but also saves a lot of time.

Setting Apart

Technology sets the company apart from the clutter. The digital approach provides uniqueness to designing which promotes the business. Digitalization strengthens the market position of a company. For startups technology helps them become noticeable in the market.


Technology helps to build better relations between the company and the consumer. Digitalization not only improves the aesthetics but also promotes a healthy work atmosphere between the parties.

Technology has changed the entire concept of designing. The manifold advantage of digitalization has seen many companies opt for the approach to attain a better brand image.

Sandesh Dhanraj

CEO & Founder, Noah Interiors

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