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A Luxury Home Buyer Craves Experiential Living! Luxury homes are thoughtfully designed spaces with multi-purpose abilities, the high-end buyers are not just putting their wealth to procure an extravagant living space but also believe in exhibiting new trends of luxury via their humble abodes

By Yukti Nagpal

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A home is not luxurious unless it has a character. Luxury home buyers prefer homes that invigorate their spirit and make them feel exclusive. This trend dates back to ancient times, with king palaces being an epitome of grandeur and magnificence. We have come a long way since then as civilization and urbanization transformed the living and livelihood of people. Homes have been a basic necessity for every individual, it is a space that not only gives them comfort but promises a sense of security and well-being. It is the place where families nurture and grow.

Urbanization has successfully modified the definition of luxury living into vertical structures. Architecture and technology have played a huge role, with homebuyer's demand being the prime factor. Luxury homes are thoughtfully designed spaces with multi-purpose abilities, the high-end buyers are not just putting their wealth to procure an extravagant living space but also believe in exhibiting new trends of luxury via their humble abodes.

Developers spearheading the luxury home trends have the challenge of delivering not just a home, but an experience in itself. Luxury buyers crave experiential living not only because it sets them apart from others, but the niche surroundings come together as a reflection of their tenacity and success. Desire to seek more and own more dominates a luxury homebuyer. This is why they tend to be more flexible when it comes to the investment that goes into building their modern homes. Developers are seen offering plans of co-creation in some of the luxurious and ultra-luxurious projects to give the buyers a sense of customized homes, made as per their taste and class. Customization in choice of fittings, furnishings, decors and accessories converts the process of home-buying into a delightful curation experience that not only engages the buyers, but provides them the sense of creating their dream space piece by piece.

Home automation and technology have become the new but most basic requirement for these set of buyers. The control to modulate temperature, security systems, or just lightning at the speed of a click not only satiates their desire of being exceptional, but also saves time and need for extra manpower. Smart home- tech has transitioned from convenience-based utility to experience-focused integration for efficiency and comfort. In the wake of evolving lifestyle and remote working, multi-purpose homes that provide the atmosphere of home-offices equally well as they provide rejuvenation experiences becomes the best pick for new-age buyers. Terraced gardens, roof-top pools, home theatre rooms, study rooms, walking closets, Zen areas, well-designed foyers are some of the other additional attributes that make luxury homes outstanding from the rest of the units.

If we look closely into the designing of these coveted spaces, the owners prefer open floor plans, naturally illuminated spaces, a mix of traditional and modernity, with fittings and furnishings that reflect exuberance and uniqueness. Luxury buyers are also increasingly concerned about the environment, and therefore the concept of sustainable living is gaining popularity. Energy-efficient systems, water-harvesting structures, zero run-off that promises treatment and recycling of waste within the community are also some of the other elemental breakthroughs in some luxury projects.

With the pandemic shaking us to the roots, and being an eye-opener for our ignorance towards the health and well-being of our families, wellness homes as a result of this health conscious mindset has started capturing eyeballs of luxury homebuyers. These luxury wellness homes are an epitome of health being the new luxury, they promise to deliver a space that promises wholesome living, keeps the inmates close to nature and natural products. Medicinal plants will become a prime choice for terraced gardens, or expansive garden area in such societies. Sunbathing decks, Meditation/yoga rooms with ample natural light would be a dedicated area in these dwellings, low-density living (probably independent floors) will become the preferred choice for luxury home- buyers. Better quality of air and water, shift to organically grown edible products would also be vital elements reminding residents that nothing is more crucial than their well-being. The demand in the near future from luxury home buyers will be a fulfilling experience of residing in proximity with greener and healthier spaces that gives an edge in sustaining a healthy lifestyle close to nature. Developers have to be really upgraded with their contactless services, in order to uplift distancing. A separate entry/exit point for working personnel in the societies may also be introduced to manage density.

Developers who enter the business of creating luxurious spaces have to be updated all the time about the latest trends and developments. It is not about providing everything fancy and larger than life all the time. As a luxury homebuyer is thoughtful and responsible, and so are his demands. The demands need not just vivid attention to every little detail but delivering an exquisite yet subtle experience around every corner of their homes is what seals the deal.

Yukti Nagpal

Director, Gulshan

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