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From 'Raags' to Riches: The Armaan Malik Story Armaan Malik's melodious voice and linguistic prowess transcends boundaries, singing in a staggering twelve languages. He has carved out a niche for himself in multiple languages with his soulful voice.

By Entrepreneur Staff

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In the diverse landscape of Indian music, Armaan Malik stands out as a remarkable talent. Being previously featured in Entrepreneur India's 35 under 35 for his breakthrough in the Bollywood music scene, the twenty-eight year old is back again to trace his journey from a singer to an entrepreneur.

Armaan Malik's melodious voice and linguistic prowess transcends boundaries, singing in a staggering twelve languages. He has carved out a niche for himself in multiple languages with his soulful voice.

Speaking about his career ride, Armaan stated that he started as a child artist doing voice overs. But now he has transitioned into a playback singer for notable names such as - Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff, Siddharth Malhotra and the list goes on.

At the core of Armaan's journey lies his unwavering motto, which he shared with us -

"Onwards and Upwards No Looking Back".

However, his childhood wasn't what people thought it was. Armaan's musical family background did very little for him growing up. He said, "My parents were very hesitant for me to get into the music industry even though they – my dad, my grandfather, my uncle – are all musicians and I belong to a very musical family."

But music pulled Armaan towards it like a magnet and when he showed signs of being really good at singing very early on. His parents not only encouraged him but also put him in music classes including classical music.

In this era of Star-kids, it is very easy to throw allegations at people that they used their parent's star power or name for their rise to fame.

Speaking on Nepotism, Armaan cleared the air by revealing that he never used his surname while participating in reality singing shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs.

He clearly stated, "I didn't want anyone to judge me on the basis of the fact that I belong from a musical family. I wanted them to judge me as a singer like any other singer from any part of the country."

It was this sincerity of the melodic wunderkind that led him to sing more than 300 songs with composers in his career. However, astoundingly, he never sang for his uncle, Anu Malik, and stated that he barely sung three songs for his father.

Armaan reminisces the time when he and his mother, Jyoti Malik, started from ground zero. She was his manager up till the age of 18 and overlooked all of his works. From there Arman's manager, Ayushman, took the mantle.

Talking about the work culture, Armaan acknowledged that there is a difference between how work is done in India and abroad. He revealed that he feels the Indian music scene is "a little disconnected". In abroad, artists collaborate a lot with each other whereas, it is not the case here in India. Since he dabbles in both the music industries, he feels the need to balance both the Armaans, the Indian singer and the global singer.

Since Armaan Malik is talking to us, Entrepreneur Media, there is no way we could let him go without knowing his journey as an entrepreneur. Armaan shared this slice of his life by revealing that his journey as an entrepreneur started back in 2021. He launched his own music label called 'Always Music Global'. His vision is to get like-minded artists as well as scout pop artists in India and help them grow globally.

Apart from music, Armaan also has a merchandise line known as 'Shop in the AM'.

With all these accolades under his belt, Armaan Malik is an inspiration to all upcoming artists.
Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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