A Few Simple Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet Strive to look better, feel better, think better than ever before, and that's going to help you achieve your goals

By Aditya Sehgal

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What are the three things that would make this year great or let me put it this way what are the three biggest things that you could make it happen this year to make it truly special?

Do you want to lose that weight, or maybe even build your best body ever?

How about finding that special person or maybe even hear him/her say "I do"

Well, whatever your list of "highly desirables" here is something that you should know….

Your Physical Fitness/ Health Is a Bridge between Your Goals and Accomplishments-

And as a corollary, the unhealthier and more unfit you are, the more you are going to struggle with your goals. In other words your physiology will be working for or against you, helping you or dragging you down.

That's why number one to-do-list for this year should be getting into great health and shape.

You are going to look better, feel better, think better than ever before, and that's going to help you become and achieve your goals.

And that's what this article is going to talk about. Are you ready?

Resistance Training Is the King of All Forms of Exercises

Do at least 2-3 resistance training workouts per week. No other type of exercise benefits your body composition and metabolism like resistance training.

  • It builds muscle
  • It will help you lose fat
  • It speeds up your metabolic rate
  • It improves your mental health
  • It improves your hormone profile
  • It makes you more resistant to sickness
  • It is definitely anti-ageing

Don't Indulge in Chronic Cardio

Cardio is overrated. Yes you heard me right!

First and foremost it's not great for losing weight because it doesn't burn as much calories as many people think. Secondly the more cardio you do, it's harder for you gain muscle.

Your goal should never be to reduce numbers on the scale because eventually, you will end up losing fat and muscle, and wind up skinny fat.

Instead your goal should be to reduce body fat percentage while preserving and gaining muscle. The idea is to improve body composition.

Why "Starving" is bad for you and is counterproductive when trying to lose weight-

There is lot of wrong with starvation diet or crash dieting. It causes metabolic slowdown, depression, hormonal imbalance and yes weight gain.

Starvation diet is when you are eating less than your basal metabolic rate for a longer period of time. The longer you do this, the more likely you are to experience the negative side effects. That's why it's recommended to use an aggressive approach than reckless, when dieting to lose weight.

High Protein Diet

Endless research suggests eating high protein diet is extremely beneficial for you. You build more muscle and gets stronger on high protein diet. Muscle tissue is primarily made of protein, so it shouldn't be a surprise that a high protein diet helps you build it faster. You lose more fat and less muscle on a high protein diet. Research clearly shows that eating high protein diet is better for losing fat faster and preserving muscle. One of the biggest obstacles one faces while losing weight is hunger pranks. You feel fuller on high protein diet. That's why it's recommended to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Eating 2-3 serving of Fruit and Vegetables per day

Research clearly shows people who eat higher amounts of vegetables and fruits are more likely to live longer and disease free. One of the reason fruits and vegetables are so important is they are the primary source of micronutrients our body needs to stay alive and healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

In today's hectic lifestyle, insufficient sleep has become a public health epidemic. Most people don't realize how negatively this can impact their mental and physical health. Sleep insufficiency has been linked to chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity and cancer. It reduces quality of life and productivity. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to avoid sleep deprivation.

Stop Drinking Calories

If you love drinking carbonated beverages to juices and sports drink truth is that you are always going to struggle with your weight. Problem with these drinks are they don't create satiety like food. You can drink 1000 calories and still be hungry an hour later. Stick to water.

Follow these simple steps and you are all set to work in the direction of your goals.

Happy Building!

Aditya Sehgal

CEO and founder of Signature Fitness Consulting

Aditya Sehgal has been a fitness freak for the last 22 years and counting. He is the CEO and founder of Signature Fitness Consulting.

He believes in the philosophy of continual lifelong learning as he works towards enhancing the well being of his clients by empowering them with knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life.

He has worked as a fitness consultant with many embassys in Delhi. He has also worked very closely with many corporate houses on how to deal and mange job pressure and stress.

His Expertise 

1) Specialises in designing individualised, systematic and integrated fitness program.

2) Diet and nutrition expertise for specific goals

3) Specialises in designing individual macros for weight loss and muscle building.

4) Deep supplement , vitamin/herb knowledge and expertise for fast recovery and disease prevention. 

5) Stress management and insomnia corrective expertise.

6) Cognitive health- Recognition, Diagnosis and Management 

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