Here's What These Successful Entrepreneurs Have Learnt from their Dads

These #4 young entrepreneurs share what they have learnt from their Dads, on the occasion of Father's Day

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Like many other tasks and challenges in life, entrepreneurs are also tasked with the responsibility of being a perfect role model to their kids.


From teaching children how to ride a bicycle to being their best of friends in adulthood, loving dads do everything yet respond to their work demands, as they can't shortfall in giving their families a beautiful present and a bright future.

On the occasion of the Father's Day, Entrepreneur India had a chat with young entrepreneurs who credit their success to their adorable Dads and shared the precious learnings received from them.

  • "Dig in the Mud, Dirty Your Hands and then Create Opinion'

Agastya Dalmia, co-founder of Keventers, accredited his success to his father Nidhi Dalmia, Director Dalmia Group recognizing him as a biggest role model of his life.

"The one thing he instilled in me was never give up before you try. He always guided me to dig in the mud, dirty my hands and then create my own opinion," said Dalmia

Agastya confessed that Nidhi Dalmia (his Dad) holds a very special place in his entrepreneurial journey. Remembering his advices for life and business, Agastya told, "Dad always tells me that hire people who will not only drive your brand but also, contribute to your growth. Be a learner before you are a leader. Give them support, growth and comfort and they will stay with you forever."

  • "Chase your dreams, no matter what'

The well-known Textile Designer and Fashion Store Chain Owner, Gaurang Shah told Entrepreneur, "My father has always been a hands-on-dad for us. His objectives for life was very clear from always. And that's what he inculcated in us too."

"I grew up watching him pursue his passion for Indian Textiles, which instilled me a love for colors, fabric and design. His teachings about the significance of colors, textures, textiles and the way of doing business helped me to lay a foundation stone of my business," said Shah. Besides, helping and guiding me in doing business he taught us to never forget family values.

  • "Bravery can be consistent if you're well-prepared'

An avid biker, marketing strategist and an entrepreneur, Ambika Sharma, is the founder of Pulp Strategy, an integrated marketing solutions platform. While asking Sharma about one quality that she admires the most in her Dad, she told Entrepreneur, "My father ingrained in me that no one is a coward always, and no one is brave all time. Bravery is consistent only with preparation, not DNA."

"I wish to inculcate the same in my kids," she added.

"I have learnt to be confident, fearless and wiling to tackle anything in life, be it good or ugly. I am fortunate to have a father who is extremely open-minded and progressive in his thoughts."

  • "Be passionate and high-spirited whatever you choose for yourself'

The Co-founder and CEO of Voylla, Vishwas Shringi told Entrepreneur that his father imbibed an ideology of doing any work with high-spirit and full-indulgence in it, and that's what he teaches to his two children.

Shringi shared an incident on how Voylla recently included the men segment of jewelry on their portal, he told Entrepreneur, "Today's kids are very inquisitive and advanced in their thinking process, which is really good. One day my children asked that why do we have only women jewelry segment and not men's. And, that's when it clicked me that "Voylla' should have one section of men jewelry.

"As an entrepreneur I am building my legacy that doesn't mean my children would have to join the same. They should do wherever they are good in. I would support them because I know they're going to be pretty beyond me," he added.