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Why Gourmet Food Delivery is Seeing an Arousing Welcome Delivering a five star experience at home

By Joseph Cherian

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Over the last few years food tech industry has seen an unprecedented change in terms of offerings and customer preferences.

The tendency of people dining out or ordering food from outside has seen a significant rise over the past few years. Convenience and lack of time are among the primary reasons behind this. Foodtech companies have changed people's food habits. From gourmet Asian to global cuisines, Royal Indian food to healthy salads, food delivery is no longer merely about the humble dal, chawal and roti.

Customers Seek Consistency

With more and more players entering the online food market, the concept of one gets everything under an umbrella has become less exciting for a customer. A segmented player, who creates a niche, makes an interesting option for a consumer. Customer choices are leaning towards those that can give them one-of-a-kind and consistent experience.

Select Players Creating Five Star Experience

There was a time when food delivery options were restricted to quintessential Indian food and pizzas. If one had to experience a fulfilling bowl of Burmese Khaosuey or a platter of bao or dumplings, a visit to a five star or a boutique restaurant is what it entailed. Gourmet food was and is still a luxury for many. Haute cuisine or refined food within the four walls of one's home was a far-fetched idea. However, with the food tech industry maturing over the years, there are select few players who are creating a unique five star experience that's affordable and accessible.

Pain Points in the Sector

Gourmet food is all about exquisite high quality ingredients, impeccable presentation and richness in taste. Who wouldn't want to indulge in a gourmet fare? However, affordability and accessibility have been significant pain points for many to enjoy gourmet food. Majority of the boutique restaurants and five star hotels that offer quality Asian food do not offer home delivery. Asian cuisine options available for home delivery are restricted to Indo-Chinese. Gourmet Asian food that comprises delicacies from South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia and Middle East is neither affordable nor readily available for the common masses. Foodtech companies are now bridging this gap by making gourmet food inexpensive and easily accessible for the masses.

Gourmets Looking for Exciting Alternatives

Customers today are well travelled and well informed with exposure to a variety of niche cuisines. They are always looking for alternatives that are exciting and a notch above the rest. Gourmet food at the comfort of one's home is a category that has seen a growing appetite among the country's urban population. They are keen on rich experiences, but may not have the willingness to spend exorbitantly or the penchant to cook it. Foodtech companies like 48East are catering to this very segment of consumers.

Culinary Expertise is Important

Food plays a key role in the success of any foodtech company. Consistency in taste, quality &quantity are key differentiators. Maintaining these parameters in gourmet food delivery is quite a challenge. Ensuring that the experience of eating delicacies at home is similar to the experience of eating at a fine dining restaurant requires culinary expertise, experience in gourmet food marketand constant innovation.Apart from this, gourmet food also requires clever packaging to ensure that the food is presented well and gives the customer the feel of a swanky restaurant.

Delivering Gourmet food is not just about delivering food, it's about delivering an experience to the customer. Every step in gourmet food delivery has a crucial role in the experience of the end consumer. The ingredients, the style of cooking, the pace of delivery, packaging, quality, and innovation are important factors that foodtech companies must consider.

Joseph Cherian

Founder & CEO, 48East

Joseph Cherian, an Alumnus of Harvard Business School, has over 20 years of professional experience in managing global markets, setting up and scaling new business verticals for brands like Papa John’s India and Mcdonalds.Prior to founding 48 East he was the CEO of Papa John’s India.


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