How Start-ups are Capturing the Right Frame

There exist many platforms that help a consumer find the right photographer for a special event

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Gone are the days when for weddings a local photographer was called and he forced you to pose for the camera in the most awkward manner. Today, wedding photography is a booming business, where couples even select locations for their pre-wedding shoots. The business has got one step ahead to baby photography shoots as well.


Sensing the business opportunity in photography, creative start-ups are clicking the right frame for this sector. Entrepreneur India takes a look at the various ways in which start-ups are lapping up the opportunities in the photography industry.

On Demand Photographers

With the growing demand for photographers as well as their increasing numbers, entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to build a marketplace. Today, there exist many platforms that help a consumer find the right photographer for a special event. Photo concierge, a start-up, much like its name, offers on-demand photographers on an urgent basis. Similarly, platforms like, Flatpebble are marketplaces for photographers. Here one can even review a photographer, and the testimonials provided by the previous user helps the next one in deciding on the best one.


When we take a photograph, we actually capture the moment, preserve it as a memory close to our hearts. Playing on the emotional importance that photographs hold, start-ups are also working on documenting memories and then converting them into photo installations. Bengaluru-based Snapita not just prints photographs but also gives consumers the option to build picture walls for their homes. A popular start-up in the photography space Canvera has even created a mobile app, which turns a user's smartphone or tablet into a photo album. The photobook created on the app can even be downloaded by the photographer or the user and shared with others.

For the Travel Photographer in you

While travelling, haven't we all come across those moments where be it a beautiful sunrise or sunset, we take out our cameras and try to capture the best possible photo? Considering how travel and photography go well together, the start-up Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt Ltd., has come up with guided tours. The company organizes travels to picturesque locations, where one is also given lessons on how to capture the best photograph. On these tours, budding photographers are given hands on assistance from experienced professionals. They also claim to be India's first photography equipment rental company.

Building a Community of Photographers

Built by founders, who came together through social media, it was obvious for Divya Agrawal and Anubhav Das of AIE Photography Solutions to build a community of photographers. Bringing them together on one platform makes them a marketplace for photographers. They also allow freelancers to work and learn. Aimed at bringing about a holistic photography solution offering, the start-up has found a mention in the Limca Book of Records for the biggest photography collaboration.