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The Importance of Balancing a Healthy Work & Personal-life To Achieve Success We need to focus on three things that will help us to be a better person as a whole and help us balance our life in all aspects of life

By Alex Bostanian

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Life is similar to walking on a tightrope, where we have to skillfully balance our career and personal life to reach our goal successfully.

Our work-life and our personal life are two very important pillars. While work allows us to earn a living to fulfill our essential needs, our personal life brings us peace, happiness, and intangible fulfillment. Work is an essential part of our daily lives, concurrently, we must always remember to reserve time for ourselves, our family, and our friends. Our personal development and personal relationships are just as necessary as our career growth.

Apart from the superficial requirements of our daily routines, we need to focus on 3 fundamental principles that are essential for our growth as an individual and growth in our careers; physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. Let us further examine how they help us become a better person as a whole and help us balance ourselves in all aspects of life.

For most, we work to fulfill our basic needs and desires, yet at times we forget the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and physical activity, not to mention the importance of adequate sleep. Everyone needs to allocate time to take care of themselves, as well as care for the people that depend on them. Similar to the seasons of the year, and the rhythm of the universe, a regimented schedule should be followed by all, not just to maintain a proper work ethic, but to ensure the psychological, physical, and spiritual well being. These principles are of utmost importance to maximize efficiency and our overall potential in life.

Physical health and mental health correlate. If we are physically healthy, we feel better overall mentally and vice-versa. Our mental health and internal happiness are essential for achieving success in our careers and personal life. I'm a huge advocate of meditation and yoga. I find it highly effective for achieving mental clarity and stress relief. It resets our entire demeanor. After all, How can we truly succeed in life if we are not at peace within!

Our spirituality plays a vital role in our lives as well. What we believe, what we think, and how we look at the world; our general perspective affects us in more ways than we can imagine.

We need to make sure that there is a clear distinction between our work-time and leisure-time and we should make the best possible utilization of both. Furthermore, all our actions must inspire growth, evolution, tolerance, and contribution to the greater good. Vapid desires for earning money to show off your newly acquired car or watch, to impress random strangers or "friends" will never define you or your success. Substantive achievements fulfill the soul.

Surely our lives are not as ideal as most people perceive them to be. Each achievement is a direct result of countless hours of hard work and determination. Every failure is an opportunity for growth. Each step is an invaluable learning experience. We must learn to appreciate and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Alex Bostanian

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Alex Bostanian is an Entrepreneur, Influencer, Philanthropist, and Motivator based in Los Angeles, California. He is the co-founder of several different companies in the field of Entertainment, Real Estate Development, Logistics, Import & Export of automotive goods, and most recently a health and wellness brand that involves the production and sale of premium, all-natural organic CBD products called ShopElyxir.
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