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#10 Tips on Digital Marketing in Entertainment Industry The sector is spending millions of dollars on digital marketing as everyone want to use online platforms for publicity

By Niharika Gandhavadi

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There was a time when we eagerly waited for our weekly film magazines to catch up on what our actors were up to and what movies await at the theatres that weekend. Look at us today, we are able to tweet to our favorite stars and engage with them! Using social media, celebrities are able to speak their minds without mediators mixing up their words.

Movies producers are looking at the digital space to promote their films as it's cost-efficient for the number of audience its able to influence.

It's through this medium that we are able to access world cinema at our finger tips.

The entertainment industry today is spending millions of dollars on digital marketing. From a celebrity to a movie, everyone wants to use digital platforms for publicity. Movies like Robo 2.0 and Baahubali have chosen digital as the platform for marketing, as it provides the highest reach and is able to utilize their fan base more efficiently.

For those of you who are interested in digital marketing for Entertainment here are a few tips:

Understand Your Client Before Coming up with Strategy: Content on celebrities and movies have never been more accessible.We need to understand that each movie or celebrity brings something new to the table. The crux is to understand their vision and personality while creating a digital marketing strategy personalized for them.

Keep Up with the Changing Trends: Online trends change very fast. Today most popular news might be tomorrow's unknown. It's extremely important to keep on par with current market trends and see how we can use them while creating creative campaigns for show biz.

Social Media Monitoring: We can increase the brand equity of movies and celebrities by using social media monitoring. This way we get direct customer perception & feedback using, which we can strategize, the content on digital platforms better.

Keep Your Turnover Time Limited: The best part about the entertainment business is that content is available readily, but it's up to you to be able to release it on social media much before your contemporaries do it. It's this way that you will be ahead of the game.

Understand Your Target Audience: Using social media groups, categories and hashtags we can specifically target clearly defined fan groups of similar interests. This way we compel them to share the content, who in turn become our influencers.

Do not Loose on Personal Touch: The whole concept of social media is to bring forth your personality. It's very important that we don't loose on that when we are releasing client's content on social media. We need to make sure that fans associate with what is being posted.

Integrate Offline Strategies to Online: When it comes to entertainment it's extremely important to have a 360 marketing solution. One needs to integrate their offline marketing strategies with online, so that it looks like a holistic approach.

Make Sure Whatever you are Doing is Authentic: It's very easy on the Internet to know what's valid and what's unoriginal. So make sure your ideas are unique, innovative and work hand-in-hand with your client.

Content is King! : You must have read this several times, but it still holds true. Content is the king; it's how well you package and present the content is what makes you different and unique.

Engage your Fans: In the end what is most important is how well are you able to engage your fans and build curiosity and excitement about the movie that is to be released or a celebrity that you are handling!

Niharika Gandhavadi

Founder and Chief Branding Officer, Thought Folks Media

Having completed her engineering from Vasavi college of Engineering, Hyderabad, Niharika went on to do her MBA from State University of New York. Once back in India, she started working for Baahubali at Arka Mediaworks. Currently, she is the Founder and Chief Branding Officer of Thought Folks Media.
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