What It Takes To Make It Big In the Floral Industry? International & Award Winning Designer Spills It All

First and foremost to make it big understand your profession and next is to know how to sell your métier

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Be it happiness or the moment of mourning, flowers hold a strong significance In India. When it comes to expressing your emotions, flowers can do wonders but knowing the art of arranging flowers and making it into a designing profession is altogether a different ball game.

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Be it embellishing the ambiance or making someone's d-day extra special, flowers always top our priority list. While many of us Indians might still call someone involved in flower business as "Phool wale bhaiya', floral designing is a full-fledged business. Adding to the existence of it is acclaimed international floral designer Tomas De Bruyne's who can turn a deserted place into a visual extravaganza. He is a personal decorator to the Swarovski family and has also been a Senior Advisor for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Well, being said that anything can be called art but what catches your attention and leaves an imprint is true to the form of art. And that is the basic requirement one needs to make it big in the floral industry. So who better than the international and award-winning designer himself?

Entrepreneur India caught up with the master of flower at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, when he made a visit to India. Talking us through his stunning floral installations and miniature bonsai beauties, Bruyne sole purpose here was to install "Tree of Prosperity". While you are left at awe of his work, we also spoke to him at length about what it takes to understand and run this business.

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To Be Renowned And Famous:

The first step is to simply stop thinking what your idea should look like and how will people perceive it. Explaining the crux Bruyne said, "You must stop thinking that a certain idea must be like this or what would people think about it or should I do this? Or else you will never get a fruitful result because it is necessary to think out of the box. So, the reality is formed by 95 percent of the peoples' assumption. Get out of it by using your spirituality along with unique thinking and everything is possible but it's up to you to make it to it or not."

Being A Floral Designer:

First and foremost being a floral designer or an entrepreneur is a part of this métier. Explaining from his own experience he said, "What I did was I had put myself in the market; firstly, I had to understand my profession, next step was how I sell my métier. Now, that I am an expert at it I have upgraded my métier to show that I create added value. If you don't understand your profession and your medium well then how can you ask for added value? So, first is the allegation process, then the implementation process of how you put yourself in the market."

Know Your Medium:

From the moment Bruyne took the first step he said to himself, "I am going to go to school and learn from the best as the time and money I am going to invest will be much less than the cost of trial and error". So, I was convinced that I will get to the point but first, I must know my medium."

5 Things To Know Before Entering The Floral Business:

Putting it out bluntly and simply, Bruyne gives some simple suggestions.

1. First, you must know your product because you are selling something.

2. You are selling concepts; selling stories, therefore, the storytelling is very important.

3. As a designer, you should have the knowledge of how to work with the language of design.

4. It's not only about knowing your flowers or design language or knowing how to sell or put yourself in the market, but it is like an end to end story.

5. Giving an instance he said, "I was working as a salesperson and my previous bosses told that I couldn't leave the job as there's no certainty in flower business and it's not good business. Further to that, I said, this is a good business and I am going to make one. So, the conviction to think big and to think everything is possible by working hard but smart brings you to the spot where you want to be."