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By Priyadarshini Patwa

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The wait is finally over and this summer is going to be filled with chills. Winter is here and a lot is going to happen in the seven kingdoms. The final season of popular iconic show Game of Thrones has hit the web and we are set for blood, snow, death, revenge, dragons, sex, ravens, white walkers, gore, lust, and politics.

The show has a massive cult following and every episode builds up the story in a way that you can't wait for next. What makes this show thrilling is how every character in the show has grown with every season. While most shows make us laugh or take us into the dark world, GOT, on the other hand, gives us life, leadership and business lesson. Every character is written in such a manner that they teach us to learn from our mistakes, grow wiser, understand the world and never give up.

Having said that, let's begin with the famous line of the Lannister house, "Do not owe anyone, anything," read into the lines and you will understand why Lannisters believe in this.

"Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you" - Tyrion Lannister

The line above is the most valuable lesson for every entrepreneur. To state it simply, make sure you remain true to yourself. The world will always try to change you but if you know who you are, people around you automatically will.

Do this and you can simply thrive your business on a stronger foundation.

"A very small man can cast a very large shadow" - Lord Varys

Never underestimate anything in life. Tyrion Lannister has been looked down several times but people often forget that man has wisdom and sass like no one else. When everyone in Lannister family feels things are going haywire, Tyrion is often seemed using his intelligence to the best. After all, he is now the Hand of the Queen to Daenerys. Do we say anything further?

Remember as entrepreneur things are always going to fall out of place. Your journey will have unplanned roads and during such a tough time be your own Tyrion. Let's just say you don't always need to be in power to rise in power.

"Chaos isn't a pit, Chaos is a ladder" - Petyr Baelish

Ah….if GOT is your thing, we don't need to say who said this wise line. Littlefinger aka Petyr Baelish who might have looked like a side character is actually the main brain behind all essential GOT plotting.

As he would say "chaos isn't a pit, chaos a ladder", and "the climb is all there is." Putting it in context moving in a sheep herd is what millions do, instead opt for the harder road because that's what makes you a real entrepreneur.

If you haven't seen difficult times and used it for your benefit, what have you learned till now? When the world is dark, that's where the greatest opportunities are. This is when you know how high you can climb the ladder and be close to your goal.

I will take what is mine with fire and blood - Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons has seen the hardest time in the show. Be it forces working against her or strategies falling apart, nothing has ever held her back. So every time you fall flat on your face, take some guidance from Daenerys and her journey till date.

A deal fell apart? More deals will happen. All you need is to work hard, analyse where you went work and rework on your plan. If you know your plan has no loopholes, you will sail through it.

Family, Duty, Honour – House Tully's Motto

House Tully's motto is simple, right on point and something we all must stick by. While the motto here is about ruling the iron throne, this is also what every start-up must swear by.

A new organization goes through ups and downs but nothing will sustain if there is no trust, loyalty, and teamwork.

Any man who must say I am the king is no true king - Lord Tywin Lannister

If you have to ask respect or say you are the leader, the game gets over then and there. You lack the very basic quality of leadership. You don't act your people to follow you, they do it own their own. You have earned that place, it's not given. As lord Lord Tywin says, "Any man who must say I am the king is no true king." Daenerys is the queen and has a massive following because she has earned that loyalty from their men. Lannisters are the ruler hence they are treated like ones.

In real life, be an entrepreneur who works towards the progress of his company and employee, rest everything will follow.

Priyadarshini Patwa

Former Features Editor, Entrepreneur India

Priyadarshini Patwa is the Former Features Editors of Entrepreneur India and hosted an Instagram show every Friday named ‘Lighten Up’, about people from different walks of life and talk about their work and beyond. She handled the lifestyle, features, technology, entertainment segments and was also responsible for the Digital Covers. Previously she has worked with MensXP, a Times of India entity and Deccan Chronicle. 

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