Luxurious Vintage Cars Indian Entrepreneurs Drive

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After the advent of high-tech self-driven cars, the idea of vintage vehicles seems even more vintage now. While many prominent personalities would go for a sports car or a hep new luxury car, there are many Indian entrepreneurs who still go the classic vintage style. Here are some prominent Indian businesspersons and their luxury vintage car collections over the years:


1932 J Type & 1919 Ford T - Gautam Hari Singhania

Gautam Hari Singhania, the business tycoon and owner of CMD Raymond Ltd, are in love with different cars since his childhood. He owns a wide network of cars, forming a fleet of vintage cars. He is very particular about selecting vintage cars, his choice varies from one vintage to another. But he chooses the one that suits his personality. Singhania doesn't believe in quantity, he believes in quality. Hence, his car collection is unique and distinct. Some of his car collection includes 1932 J type and 1919 Ford T.

Ambassador AVIGO & Fiat 1100 - Sunil Sethi

Sunil Sethi, the Chairman Fashion Design Council of India, expresses his love for vintage cars. The business tycoon states that A vintage car for him is a unique design that can be stored as beautiful memories. The founder of the Indian Fashion industry is a real lover of vintage cars. He shared that his grandfather had an automobile spare business. Landmaster and Morris were one of the first cars of the family. Later, the fashion tycoon bought Ambassador AVIGO with his first earnings to add a new retro and loyal look. He further added a tiny Fiat 1100 Cooper to his great collection.

Sunbeam Talbot- Dr. Ravi Prakash

Everyone says old memories are unforgettable memories. The excitement of racing and rallying is still fresh in some Indian Entrepreneurs. Dr. Ravi Prakash expressed his love for vintage cars. He is one of the popular vintage car collectors in Bengaluru and is the head of the Federation of Historic Vehicles of India. He started his vintage car collection in 79. Since the 90s, he got his vintage car collection multiplied. Today, he is the owner of 250 cars that belonged to some prominent people. He got his first car as a gift from General Mahadevan a Lord Mountbatten in 1937 that is Sunbeam Talbot.