Conquer the World with Relaxed Shoulders

Sherina Kapany, founder, sunSTRATEGIC believes backpacks are every entrepreneur's saviour and one couldn't agree more

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The best invention that happened in the luggage industry has to be a backpack and you are in desperate need of a good one if you travel a lot. Today, backpacks are about making fashion statements. Which one to invest on is a tricky question. Sherina Kapany, founder, sunSTRATEGIC, a digital marketing company blindly vouches for Moschino over other brands when it comes to backpacks. Kapany believes backpacks are every entrepreneur's saviour and one couldn't agree more.

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Why backpack over other bags?

"Being a frequent traveler, I understand the importance of travelling light and comfortably. Imagine burdening yourself with heavy baggage amidst your tight packed schedule. Backpacks are an entrepreneur's saviour today. They are spacious and practical. You can fit almost everything you need on your way to pitching a client or relaxing on a vacation.

For me, backpacks are stylish, functional and an efficient option to carry. The most important factor is that backpacks help you keep your things organized," says Kapany.

All about comfort:
When you are buying something, you are making an investment and the same applies to your backpack. After all, it talks about your style and persona.

"When I am looking for a backpack, things I look out for are – space, design, price, brand,
comfort, capacity and its durability. This little backpack of mine fulfills all my needs. I love its design, in fact all the design from Moschino. I have this little helper with me for two years
and it has certainly not disappointed me. Space is perfect to carry all my essentials with me and still be able to throwin some extras there. It not only makes my travel comfortable but also brings comfort to my shoulders. Relaxed shoulders make you ready to conquer the world," she explains.


P RA DA WA L L E T: Because you should always have some cash on you. No matter how digital we go, there are times when cash is your saviour.

W I R E L E S S C H A R G E R: As I am always on move, it becomes very difficult for me to look for a charger and a charging point. This is the first and foremost thing I make sure is there in my bag.

F E N D I S H A D E S: My Fendi shades are not just a style statement for me, it's my everyday comfort while travelling.

A C H A N E L LI P S T I C K: A nice lipstick is all a woman needs to go through her day. Have a meeting, but not enough time to get ready? Put on a lipstick and you are all set to get the business My favourite brand is Chanel.

S TA R B U C KS C O F F E E M U G: My day does not start without a nice cup of coffee. I don't operate without it. And I won't get a nice cup of coffee, everywhere I go, so I carry my own mug.

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