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View From A Windowless Dharavi Attic: Travel Blogger MSK's Journey Mumbai-based content creator Mohammad Salim Khan a.k.a MSK is a travel enthusiast who turned his passion for bike riding and exploring the world into a career opportunity.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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Mohammad Salim Khan a.k.a MSK is a travel enthusiast

Mumbai-based content creator Mohammad Salim Khan a.k.a MSK is a travel enthusiast who turned his passion for bike riding and exploring the world into a career opportunity. In a frank chat with us over Instagram Live, he shared with us how he reached this stage.

With humble beginnings from a windowless attic in Dharavi, he now commands a huge online following of 1.1 Million followers on his YouTube channel, MSKVlogs. The channel showcases content related to traveling and motorbikes, covering the length and breadth of India and the world.

Before being a vlogger, however, he has been a cricketer, filmmaker and dabbled in business too. His business had helped him buy a home, car and sports bike by the time he was 21. His acting chops got him roles in 20 short films, photo shoots and ads like one with actor Tamannaah Bhatia for Head And Shoulders and a few others, 'for which I had to do nothing much other stand and smile in the background.' Wanting to do much more, in 2019 he put a pause on his acting career and started creating content through his travel expeditions. For him, YouTube was initially the way to draw out his fear of the camera and build confidence. Apart from YouTube, MSK now has a strong family of 381k followers on Instagram and 75k followers on Facebook as well.

Talking to us about his YouTube career trajectory, he outlines how there wasn't any time where he got a huge spike in views, but neither did he had to struggle for visibility. MSK went from creating a single video in a week during his initial days to three in a day as mastered the craft and got more popular. He prefers travelling and shooting within India compared to abroad, as he feels it's a friendlier environment to shoot in. As an example he tells us about the time in Russia, when language was a bit of a barrier when doing a video, compared to back home. Statistically, the lion's share of his audience come from Maharashtra, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

For those wanting to view the video and hear a detailed version of his journey and what all we spoke about, just click HERE

The author can be reached at bkabir@entrepreneurindia.com and Instagram.com/kabirsinghbhandari

Kabir Singh Bhandari

Former Senior Assistant Editor

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