Beer Snobs, Here Are 10 Wallops You Need To Beat The Heat

These are the best-brewed beers to quench your thirst

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If there is anything better than water that can quench your thirst instantly it is a glass of ice cold beer. A perfect glass of brew is all one needs because H2O can't solve every problem. With unrelenting summer just around the corner, we believe this is the right time to hand pick some beer for every mood and moment.


The search for perfect beer is never-ending. There are tons out in the market that you might have never even tried. Trust us there is more to beer than just your regular Kingfisher or Budweiser. Life is too short to drink cheap ale, my friends. Our list features some bestsellers to some niche to some specially crafted beer. Since beer can be drink anywhere, anytime, any moment, let's start with cheers!

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Source: PeroniItaly

Who said Peroni was just available in Italy? This beauty is now produced in India and you can't miss it for anything in the world. Peroni is a bitter-crisp lager and you need to enjoy its every sip.

Asahi Super Dry

Source: AsahiSuperDry

Popular as Japan's number 1 beer, this is a treat for those who actually enjoy the before and after taste of hop. It's crisp, clean and has a hint of bitterness.

Bira 91 White Ale

Source: Bira91

Made in India, this craft beer is for whose love white Ale. A perfect wheat brew for those who enjoy the citrusy and light notes. Bira 91 makes a perfect day and night drink.


Source: Tsingtao

The amber colour of this Pilsner (kind of a pale lager) is malty and nutty-sweet. This Chinese-origin beer is all you need in case looking for something to refresh you instantly.

Estrella Galicia


Have a bitter palate? This Spanish beer giant is still made using the original recipe, which makes it a great pick. Munch on some tiny bites with these and you are sorted.

Guinness Beer


How can one talk about beer and not include this sole stout in the list? Guinness is not for faint-hearted. From coffee to cocoa to sweet and malty flavour, this beer is one true beverage. This dark beer is the ultimate pick for those who consider beer their bae.

Stella Artois


This Belgian Pilsner needs no introduction. Stella is for those who appreciate refined, bitter and refreshing beer.



What is a sun and sand vacation without King's? This beach beer has been eternal love thousand when it comes to chill scenes in Goa. Just lie on a shack and grab its chilled bottle.

Happy by Thirsty


Tired of same taste? How about a beer that starts and ends on a different note? If we have grabbed your attention, Happy by Thirsty starts on a fruity note, with every sip the tempo raises only to end it on a mild yet bitter note. Just like Bira 91, this one is the perfect mood drink.

Kronenbourg 1664


With a spicy herbal note, this is one beer that defines the fine French countryside taste. Every sip introduces you to new crisp note, letting you savour the taste.