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#7 Point Checklist for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2018 Analytics can be useful for a single time frame but can lose relevance when not viewed over longer periods

By Anshul Sushil

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If you're reading this, chances are that you are planning your digital marketing strategy and thinking, "What will work this year"? Well, last year, I helped you guys with a handy checklist to handpick an ideal digital marketing agency, today I'm going to talk about the points you must bear in mind while approaching your digital marketing strategy this year.

As an entrepreneur, we do know what we expect from the agency but completely miss to understand what all we must do and how. These seven tips right here can help to lead your digital marketing campaign on the path to success, whether you are a growing digital pioneer or just getting started.

It's all about the 'GOALS'

Having a clear understanding of what you are currently doing and where you want to be is the first step of digital marketing. Sadly, most of the digital marketing relies on tactics and techniques rather than strategies and goals. But this year focus on weighing strategies more than anything else.

Considering that digital marketing is the only medium where you can achieve brand building, brand awareness, sales and even results, you must be sure about the goals. Gone are the days when investors used to get impressed by page views. Today they look for how much active time a consumer is spending on your app or platform and just a few thousand blind downloads will not suffice. Thus, it's critical to have a plan in place before jumping on the digital bandwagon.

Don't Expect too Much, too Early:

Keep repeating one mantra- You are adopting a marketing strategy, not hiring a wizard. Digital marketing takes time. Of course, there are some measurable results that can be attained in a relatively short time; there'll be others that will take time (Read SEO). Stay realistic about the time it takes to achieve goals and try to get involved as much as you could, especially when you are in a pre-series A stage.

Measurement is Crucial

For digital marketing to be useful, they must be tracked, watched and measured. Thus make sure that you check the analytics over the course of your campaign to determine what's working and what's not. Analytics can be useful for a single time frame but can lose relevance when not viewed over longer periods. On the other hand, multiple views over multiple time periods can provide insights around the trends. Therefore, make sure you measure your campaign.

A/B test what works for you:

Over the last few years, I've watched many entrepreneurs and even smart digital marketers making the mistake of using every social media platform or using every digital tactic for their business. While it's probably essential to have a social media strategy, don't try to blanket the entire social media universe with your brand. A/B tests the channels where your core audience hangs out and gives it all your energy. Social media channels require a ton of time and energy thus pick the one that suits you the best.

Don't Fear To Experiment

Since you are reading this article, I'm assuming that you are a new-age entrepreneur who understands that in today's digital marketing world, there are tools available for anything that you want to execute.

You want to analyze and optimize your email marketing campaigns? You have Doppler; want to know where your visitors are clicking on your website? You have Crazy Egg, or just want to manage your social media accounts efficiently? You have Hootsuite.

So this year, try spending some time on referring to these tools and software. As they say, "Learn from the mistakes of others. You don't have time to make all them!"

Nobody Knows Everything:

More than often, I see brands telling me that they had a 'social media junkie' (or someone with weirder designation) in place, but are now looking for a niche agency to help them out. Let me tell you one thing, having a fancy designation doesn't make someone a 'digital king'. In fact, there isn't any digital king. Digital marketing is a broad ocean, which keeps getting upgraded by the day. So there can't be one person who knows it all. So, introspect what needs you are looking to address and accordingly choose between an expert or a niche service provider. If you are just starting up, look for a generalist with a decent exposure and experience in digital. If you still need some help in choosing the right person, read this article to make a decision.

Talk to Fellow Entrepreneurs

In 2017, there wasn't any dearth of experiments and fads. From videos to jumping on new social media platforms, entrepreneurs tried to do it all. But you don't have to tread the same path and have similar leanings, right? Just don't hesitate in asking out and talking to people like you. But if you are still looking for a more comfortable way, just keep watching this space for all the digital marketing updates in 2018!

Anshul Sushil

Co-founder & CEO - ‎BoringBrands

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