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Apps And Tools To Perk Up Your Mobile Marketing Mobile app is like your shadow follows you anywhere everywhere, anytime or let's say each and every time

By Pratik Kanada

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Have you heard "practice makes the man perfect'? Well, this antiquated statement is cooked-up. Before you get disgruntled, let me portray what's correct, "perfect practice makes the man perfect'. Well, now you must be wondering why are we even discussing this? Is this relevant to our subject matter? Well, yes, it is. There's nothing fanciful or innovative if I say mobile marketing is something you should be focusing on and putting your extra efforts on. But this is what you are already doing. The actual question is: Are you doing it the right way?

Do you intend to catch your customer right away at this very moment and beat your competition? Let me whisper you where they are. They are on their phones, go catch them all. Well, sounds like PokemonGo but this MobileGo. Every individual has a smartphone in their hand and none of them get even a feet out without it. Here I have revealed the secret of where you can find your users, what are waiting for now? I know you are probably waiting for how. Let me narrate you how.

1.Mobile App Your Shadow, Your Strategy to Follow

Why people have their hands occupied with their phones? Are they talking all the time? Really is this what you think? Take a second and recall what you do while you are accessing your phone. Facebook enthralls you, when you are not accessing it, you might be on YouTube or Netflix or surfing some news site. If not this then it would be Skype or Instagram or Whatsapp.

If not these things, then might be paying your bills or banking or booking hotels, flights or making reservations. Okay, if not even these then you must be playing games. No? Probably shopping then. Well, any of these or each and every of these activities you might be doing, you need an app for that. Mobile app is like your shadow follows you anywhere everywhere, anytime or let's say each and every time. When you indulge in mobile app development, this is what you need to hit on for your mobile marketing.
2 Search What They Search

You know, you need a mobile app but there are a plethora of categories which one to diverge your ways too. A question hits the mind even before you decide to build a mobile app. Drag deep into research and come up with a conclusion that which type of apps users are actually using.

Study what takes them in for using the app and what takes them out and then indulge with the actual process.

Well, here are some tools and techs which can be considered as standard you should follow while coming up with an app.

1. Facebook

Facebook is not just for communicating with your near and dear ones. It's a medium you can connect to people globally. Well, it has been concluded that it's just for chatting, entertaining and making friends. Change this mindset, my friend, you can connect with people and get your things done. You can hire an app development agency through Facebook or you can find a home booking agent through Facebook or you can find a shifting company or you can even find a job if you have connected with HR or CEO of any company. Useful, right? Yes, it is. Promotion, advertising, brand recognition everything can be done through Facebook. This is one of the mobile marketing strategies you should be following.

2. Cheerio Phone Calls, Welcome TextUs

Calls consume more time and you have multiple people to handle at the similar point of time, a phone call is not something you can do. TextUs then comes to the frame. The majority of the business and organizations have turned their ways here. Organizations have mobile apps for internal communications also that's referred as enterprise apps. Clients' inquiries and issues can be promptly given the response with messaging apps.


What you need while you travel? Navigation to your destination, coffee to keep you awake and fresh, food to keep you energized, trendy place to shop, gym to not miss your fitness schedule, luxurious or budgeted places to spend your night at, bunch of popular places to explore, local activities to try, salon to maintain yourself and make you look beautiful in your photos. Well, different apps for all these different activities, too much space blockage in the phone, right? Well, what if a single app can do all these work? Yelp is the thing you are looking for and when you indulge in formulating your mobile marketing strategy, consider creating a multi-purpose app.

Pratik Kanada

CEO, 360 Degree Technosoft

CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. Writes about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Social Media, Latest Tech Trends and Mobile Applications.

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