The Forward March of Influencers in Changing the Shape of Marketing You get more, spend less, the impact is highly amplified and the buzz doesn't go unnoticed

By Kumaresh Bhatt

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Influencer marketing is in a big way increasing all over. The new influencers like of blogs and social media are seen influencing the big brands also. There has been a forward march of influencers in changing the nature of Influencer Marketing in the form of Micro Influencers. Micro Influencers are the future of Influencer marketing and they will drive the Industry. This is the time when Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn are planning a major role as marketing services.

Micro Influencers are the Building Blocks of Social Media

They have followers between 10,000 to 100,000 and provide scalability to the micro influencer campaigns. Working with micro influencer's gives up to 3 times more engagement Micro-Influencer campaigns are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement than influencers with larger followings. It brings easy and cost-efficient targeting options which are as similar and easy as Facebook targeting.

The Micro-Influencer campaigns drive higher and efficient engagement rates than traditional campaigns. One big reason for this is the scalability. The traditional influencer campaigns are cumbersome, need big labour and time, negotiating deals and much more. However, with micro influencers, it becomes flexible, easy and scalable. Working with 500 micro influencers (or even more) of 40 thousand followers each gives really better results than working with a few influencers with large followers. You get more, spend less, the impact is highly amplified and the buzz doesn't go unnoticed. The best creative Ad's and content will have less audience when it comes to marketing. As it has a limited access. In the same place, digital marketing can be seen all over the world and hence influence more people. Hence, the Micro Influencer advertising campaigns are very scalable. It is better to work with influencers who have more followers as they impacts advertise in a positive way and in a less time.

Another Big Reason is its Cost-effectiveness and Ease of Execution

The new marketing influencers are cost effective than traditional advertising. These campaigns are easier to execute and they affect the right influencers also. Campaigns on the social media can be made specific as per the influencer's age, gender, location and interest. This helps in targeting the specific audience at the right time.

One more reason for it is being the authenticity and the trust of recommendation. Micro-influencers provide real customer advocacy because they are authentic voices. They are fans of the brands they write about, and when they post about these brands to their followers and fans, it works like word of mouth. With Microinfluencers this relationship is intensified, as the chances are those recommendations will feel even more as these are the people who you admire and you can practically be – you can't be a celebrity but practically speaking you can have 50k followers on social media which is you aspire to get.

There is seen an increasing use of ad's in the bloggers content too, bloggers who have a good number of readers get lots of advertisements too. The market will be dominated by social market more than just digital.

It is like democratizing marketing. Adding to this there will be great technology advancements which will make the process easier, cost-efficient, highly scalable and shift the focus from the top of the pyramid to the base of the pyramid. Taking brands closer and closer to their customers which we all strive for.

Kumaresh Bhatt

Co-founder & CEO, URPopular

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