How Content Marketing Helps Mobile App Businesses Various researches reveal that prospective users reject one in four mobile apps after the first time

By RP Singh

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So you have a mobile app that you think should conquer the world. But are you aware that it might take tremendous efforts to get people to take note of it when the marketplace is actually crawling with a whopping over 3 million other apps! In other words, super saturation and volatility in the global mobile ecosystem has led to a situation where you have to think really hard to market your mobile app successfully.The good news, however, is that your mobile app marketing strategy is most likely to be successful if you manage to attract new users through positive app reviews, blog posts, as also encouraging media coverage that actually tell potential users what make your app great.

Various researches reveal that prospective users reject one in four mobile apps after the first time. Since the average cost is $4 to reach one loyal user, it is crucial for developers of new apps to create bases for loyal users. So while formulating your content marketing strategy for your mobile app, keep the following in mind:

Your Target Audience Is Your Key

A careful survey of the industry and your competitors helps enormously in identifying the right target audiences with the appropriate content. Begin your search with articles, thematic blogs and interviews that are relevant to the app. It is often seen that publishers and app developers share personal experiences often regarding a successful app launch and its typical pitfalls. This can give you some priceless information on identifying your target audience as also on how you should approach your market.

It's only when you create your typical user's persona that you also get to work out the most appropriate content formats and types to achieve maximum engagement and reach. This is possible by first determining the general target audience that is within your app's category. Highlight your audience's typical challenges and problems while also taking note of their research on your app, which provide some great and relevant information for the process of creation. Try and identify their main pain points; their interests in reading and learning; how your content can help them answer frequently asked questions or solve daily challenges; and more importantly, how your app will solve their needs and problems.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Your apps' title, description, screenshots & included keywords have a great influence on whether it's going to get noticed among search engines for app stores or not. Thus all efforts at optimizing these are incredibly important. Look at top apps in App Stores and try to see how they have written about the app, what kind of keywords they have used. Long-tail keywords are more effective in this respect and stuffing titles and app descriptions with many keywords is not advisable. The screenshots, moreover, should show the app's main features. Algorithms for search engines are more attentive to this particular in-app content just because of its relevance. When you optimize in-app content, your chances of higher ranking in app stores increases substantially because users constantly browse them to download new content.

Create A Buzz When Launching The App

As its launch hour arrives, create a buzz about your app on media channels and industry blogs. These burst campaigns are effective in acquiring user growth for your new app and right media exposure will put it on the right map, increasing organic downloads after its launch. Reviews from eminent industry experts also help leverage significant audiences and all it takes is a good pitch to get them interested in your product. Additionally, creating a meticulous content calendar, adding sharable components to the app, establishing a defined user community and retargeting interested users are other assorted strategies that will ensure your app's success.

Locate Community And Industry Forums

Locate local or industry-related forums, if the app is aimed at providing local service. Take note of the topics discussed most while paying detailed attention to those threads falling under the app topic. For instance, parenting forums are usually good sources for topic ideas should your app being an educational one.

It is easy to create an app today and it is very difficult to get real estate on customer's devices. The only you can get them to download is great content in form of App Store Description, Videos, Articles about the app explaining the utility aspect and generating reviews from influencers.

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RP Singh

Producer & Chairperson, CMS Asia

RP Singh is a Digital & Content Marketing evangelist with 17 years of digital and new media experience in APAC& Middle East. He is Founder & Chairperson of Content Marketing Summit Asia; first & largest content marketing conference in the entire APAC region. 

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