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Ten Tricks Startups Could Use To Master Digital Marketing Once you know how your brand is talked about, it helps in saying the right things to right people on a right channel

By Venugopal Ganganna

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Starting your own business can be thrilling experience for any start-ups and involves a lot of effort from an individual at all the level starting from brainstorming , building strategies , providing effective solutions and the most important of all is on how to market your product and digital media is one of the most cost effective ways to market your startup. One should know how to determine strategies, tactics and use social media as a marketing tool.

So, starting from the beginning, here are ten tricks to master digital marketing for a startup's :

Analytics – an important piece of the digital puzzle. With whatever little traffic one gets it's valuable to understand how it behaves. This could be a good start to bucket the audience. A good cohort analysis works wonders.

Testing – One we have different data sets its worth doing A/B testing campaigns. The benefits to this is – a) Validation of the analysis b) Less of spam

Content Repurposing – Consistency and Recency in content for startups helps. A smart way to achieve that would be to repurpose the existing content to different formats. E.g a blog post can be repurposed as a slideshare ppt etc. This helps in spreading wide yet relevant.

Email Drip –Email Drip campaign works for start-ups. If planned well it stays relevant, create loyalty and convert faster. One thumb rule here – focus on list building first. The stronger the list the better would be the results.

Influencer Marketing – Identifying brand ambassadors in one's domain is important. This helps in exponential reach thru the influencer's captive audience. Also helps building credibility for the brand.

Start-up Directories – submit the startup or the prod to a relevant directory. E.g. product hunt etc. The advantage is that it helps garner traction as well as some great feedbacks from enthusiast. Brand awareness is definitely a side effect.

Social Listening –Once you know how your brand is talked about, it helps in saying the right things to right people on a right channel.

Community Building –an emergent strategy and an essential element in any startup marketing plan. A well done community can help in garner feedback, referrals & conversion. Even a simple tweetchat session using a #hashtags(owned) frequently & consistently can be helpful.

Competitive analysis – Tools like spyfu, moat etc can help in doing research on competitors campaign. This in turn helps to plan the campaigns better.

Channel Selection –an important aspect of any start-ups campaign is to identify the right channel for campaigns. For a B2B product channels like twitter or Linkedin might work well than for a B2C where usually the audience uses facebook, Pinterest etc .

Venugopal Ganganna

CEO, Langoor Digital Marketing Agency


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