This Social Media Giant Will Help You To Better Your Business Online Presence

The new update will manage communications across all three channels in a single place

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The internet has transformed online marketing. An online presence is important for marketing success because it strengthens your brand and what you offer to your target audience. Today, millions of businesses use Facebook and other tools together to interact with customers.

It can be hard for businesses to keep up with various communication channels. But no matter what size your business is or what industry it belongs to, one need to have a strong web presence on each and every online tool.

Facebook is soon unveiling an update to its Pages Manager mobile app which will integrate Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages within the app. This update to Pages Manager was announced on Tuesday and is the first time that Instagram will be included into a Facebook app.

So here are the four things businesses need to look at when building online marketing efforts through this mobile app :

A Single Platform For Three Channels

With the new update, Facebook is making it possible for businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts so that they can manage communications across all three channels in a single place. The updated inbox makes it easier than ever to communicate with customers at any time and in any location.

A Real Time Saver

If you actively manage communications for your business across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, you can save time by responding to all enquiries in a single place. You can quickly scan all three online channels for new updates and be sure that you are not missing out on something.

The Key To Personalised Communication

The update helps you serve your customers by providing an easy way to see basic information about the people who interact with your business. For that, simply tap the person's name to see their profile, as well as their previous interactions with your business. You can later use that knowledge to personalise your communications with them

How To Get Started ?

You can get this update by connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Simply click on the messaging icon at the bottom of your Page while you're in the Pages Manager App, then navigate to the Instagram tab where you'll be prompted to log in.

If your accounts are already connected via Instagram adverts, you'll receive the update automatically – Instagram comments will start to appear in your Page inbox.

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