2017-Budget Expectations of Financial Inclusion for Women Entrepreneurship With the Union Budget set to be announced in February, women entrepreneurs across the country are hoping for a long list of expectations with the government to be met.

By Komal Nathani

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A surge in Indian startups has led to a revolution in women entrepreneurship in India. From Swati Bhargava's Cashkaro to Sairee Chahal's Sheroes, women are spreading wings of business ambitions rapidly.

With the Union Budget set to be announced in February, women entrepreneurs across the country are hoping for a long list of expectations with the government to be met. Union minister Anupriya Patel vehemently favoured for establishing quotas for women in BIMSTEC-SAARC Women's Economic Forum that will help them compete in mixed gender environments. But will the central government strike out gender-specific policies and measures in this year's Budget?

These #3 women leaders tell us what could be the possible financial inclusions for women entrepreneurship in 2017-Budget.

  • Preeti Sinha, Yes Bank Ltd.

Though, the government has been supportive in promoting women entrepreneurship, but what most women need is an easy access to funds says Preeti Sinha, Senior President of Yes Institute. An initiative of Yes Bank, Yes Institute educates women and other aspiring entrepreneurs how to lead a sustainable business with the inclusion of socio-economic development and growth.

"With many women showing interest in entrepreneurship should be facilitated by government with better options of loan and other banking policies that could help them to start their small business smoothly.'

  • Dr Monisha Borthakur, Infosys Ltd.

Women have definitely come a long way fighting all odds in way to attain their goals and objectives. From technological to traditional businesses, women are no behind in race, and ramping up with an unstoppable speed. Since there are a lot of aspiring women entrepreneurs who struggle with finances while starting up a business, Dr. Monisha Borathakur from Infosys Ltd. emphasized on simpler access to funding for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

"A lot of initiatives of government are helping aspiring women entrepreneurs, but to yield even better results the access to funding should be made simpler for aspiring women entrepreneurs.'

  • Sonu Iyer, Partner and leader, India Region Ernst & Young

Accentuating the fact that a lot of women coming up with new ideas and hunches to experiment in market, Sonu Iyer, Partner and Leader of Indian region Ernst & Young shares her view of financial inclusion to be made in 2017 Financial Budget.

"Since the implementation of GST will be on table for 2017-Budget, government will come up with the new rationalized tax structure. Women entrepreneurs should definitely be a part of consideration in corporate taxes and loans.'

Komal Nathani

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