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4 Reasons Which Make Express Delivery Worthy For Local Retailers Grocery retail is undergoing an interesting revolution as more consumers are now used to getting their orders delivered to them within a few hours

By Vivek Pandey

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A lot may be happening in the e-commerce sector wherein new marketing strategies and innovations are taking place every day to make consumer purchases and supply chain smooth. But there is something about India's offline merchants and small-scale wholesalers who are striving hard to complement the e-commerce industry in various ways.

Grocery retail, for instance, is undergoing an interesting revolution as more consumers are now used to getting their orders delivered to them within a few hours. While large e-commerce giants can provide these services to customers, for local retailers it is a challenge. For them, it is a concern and it should be: Today, customers do not have to leave their homes to buy a last-minute gift item or pick food for instant hunger pangs. But what if they could do all this and still local retailers enjoy the benefits?

What is the difference between conventional and modern delivery methods?

Conventional low-cost delivery models can just take care of two things: stocking local stores for longer periods and one night. To customers, however, it doesn't seem to be a nice idea as traditional delivery methods slow down the delivery times. At whatever point there is a large amount of order from a local merchant, customers regularly rely upon how much time it would take them to send the things. On the off chance that they can offer clients a quicker assistance, for example, following-day delivery, they can be a lot more joyful.

In contrast to a conventional delivery model, the distribution channel in a one-day package delivery can be quicker and progressively sorted out. With this procedure local stores can give faster speed, take care of changes of orders, and the executives during heavy-traffic season. For buyers who live nearby, this method of delivery can be the only best choice they have, since there is no doubt if the order would be delivered or not.

What could be the benefits for local shop owners?

Wider Reach

The express delivery setup takes the job of a facilitator by offering logistics to its customers. It gives companies a chance to come together for their customers and accomplices by giving time-bound shipment alternatives. Faster transportation is one of the most critical choices for the fast development of companies—as they help increasing the production activities, limit their stock costs, give a superlative customer experience, etc. Large-, medium- and small-scale retailers are progressively associated with the express delivery providers for superfast deliveries, real-time tracking, quality assurance, among many other benefits that they can't find anywhere else. Express delivery is furthermore pivotal for associations wanting to expand their catalogue/services to the entire country from a domestic market.

Reduced Costs

For any medium-size to a large-size association, the process of setting up business administrations along with a distribution network requires time, money, and assets. By taking distribution services, they can extend their association's market reach and knowledge at a critical rate and adequately than if they do everything on their own. Additionally, as the local retailers stock their provisions with these organizations' products/services and clients buy from them, the organizations don't need to stress over-piling and transport costs.

Easy Access to the Territory

To adequately expand in an additional region, an organization needs a great deal of information significant to what the people in the region need and want. Wholesalers, retailers and sellers manage the bare essential related with the delivery procedure, for example, ordering and managing after stock, the board of retailer association and client associations, after-service, and item shipments to different zones.

Meet Requirements of Masses

For a manufacturer, nothing could beat the fulfillment of providing their items in various regions without visiting even one. This is the intensity of setting up an appropriate B2B distribution network over territories, prompting a higher volume of orders from each corner which are legitimately overseen by the retail chains. Likewise, the retail chain owners have high consistency as far as order and delivery is concerned of a given zone, which makes it simpler for the makers to manage deadlines and on-time creations.

So, the eventual future of last mile offers huge open door for existing and new specialist co-ops in the field. In any case, before organizations can push forward and enliven the new last mile, they should make one stride back, as it is urgent to build up a technique that suits the market condition and the organization's quality.

Vivek Pandey

Co-founder and CEO, NOW Delivery


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