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Amul's MD Jayan Mehta On The Growth of the Company And Its Global Expansion Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, which sells dairy products under the Amul brand, recently introduced fresh milk in the US market as part of a partnership with the Michigan Milk Producers Association. Now, the organization wants to increase the range of items it offers

By Kavya Pillai

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Jayen Mehta, MD, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd at IMC’s AGM

As the chief guest at the 116th Annual General Meeting of the trade association Indian Merchants' Chamber (IMC), Jayan Mehta stated that milk has emerged as India's most important crop and that the nation will produce one-third of the world's milk over the next ten years. To serve the Asian and Indian diasporas in the US, GCMMF has introduced four milk varieties.

Mehta looking back shared "I joined Amul Way back in 1991. And for the last more than three decades I've been working as a farmers organization which started with just 250 liters of milk way back in 1946. It's indeed humbling that the foundation stone of this very building was laid by Sardar Valladabi Patel who also inspired the whole dairy cooperative movement way back in 1946. And so the journey of two village societies and 246 liters of milk is today as it was introduced to more than 300 lakh liters of milk every day. 3.6 million farmers, 18,600 villages of Gujarat, practically every single village of Gujarat and a turnover of more than 80,000 crores which is the Amul grand turnover today."

"Today if we reach out to more than 1 million outlets across the country through a network of 86 branch offices, we have this great challenge to also see that we are omnichannel available in the way tomorrow's consumers will want. Embrace digital technology, integrate technology in every aspect of the business, be it at the village level to the consumer level," he added.

Mehta further encouraged everyone to "use AI in the best possible way." "I'm sorry, our AI is different from your AI because our AI stands for artificial insemination which is to improve the breed of the cattle and ensure that our farmers are able to increase and improve their productivity," he clarified. He said, "I would end with a small submission that our currency is not milk, our currency is trust. Trust from lacks of farmers, trust of a billion consumers. And this is the trust which we need to keep nurturing building on it to see that the brand continues to grow and meet the aspirations of its farmers and also the requirements of the consumers not just in India but around the world. "

Mehta concluded by advising, "This is perhaps the best time for India because never ever it can happen on this planet that there are more than 70 crore people under 25 years of age. The most savviest of the consumers of the world residing in India will decide not just the future of India but the future of the world. The businesses of the country, of the policies of the country and propellers to the greater heights."

Kavya Pillai

Entrepreneur Staff

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