AI-led Chatbots - Your Next Best Friend

Here is how AI is the game changer behind chatbots success

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By Nazreen Nazir


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Artificial Intelligence is increasingly changing the way we interact with the world. From healthcare to food, it's navigating everywhere even the four walls of your home. Chatbots or Virtual assistants are trending nowadays as they have simplified the interaction between humans and machines. Today, brands are using these chatbots to improve efficiency and productivity in all areas of business.

Freshworks, a Chennai and San Mateo-based software unicorn is investing in developing chatbots. Brands and customers find themselves interacting online on apps and other platforms with artificial intelligence enabled conversations. Freshworks is tapping into the need for AI-based engine which can gather real time behavioral data while it works across multiple communication channels. Chatbots are increasingly becoming necessary and AI is making it more user friendly. Here are four reasons AI in chatbots is the gamechanger behind the popularity of bots.

Ensures Personalized Experience

The AI-enabled chatbots ensure a personalized experience like that of talking to a human. AI powered NLP (Natural Language Processing) chatbots can mimic human conversations. They are able to read the underlying intent behind the message people type and deliver a response accordingly. They can "learn' from their past conversations to improve and alter their answers. With this advanced processing they have actually helped in customer service situations.

Using Contextual Information

AI enables the chatbots to navigate the user's journey from the pages they visited Google search, landing pages and more. This enables the bots to tailor their conversations according to the content users have accessed on your website. In this way, the conversation is according to the interest and preference of user and grabs their attention more. AI enables the bots to send messages to your users and deliver content that users can engage with according to their interests.

Efficient and Quick

AI enabled chatbots can collect information from beginning to end. They can greet and ask the user for various information and data which can be helpful for the support agent. This becomes very efficient for agents who only need to step in for complex situations. Also it reduces the wait time for customers and chatbots can handle multiple users at one time. AI bots can also detect when to raise an alert for human assistance to step in with sentimental analytics.

Optimize Route Inquiries

Bots can route the inquiries of users to the right agent. As AI powered bots are equipped with natural language processing, it can assess the need behind the request. They can pick up the issues and "learn' from customer interactions and address them before it causes problems. As bots can minimize consumer complaints, it will actually boost the customer satisfaction and their experience with your company.

AI is set to be the game changer that is revolutionizing chatbots. In future, chatbots will probably propose strategy and tactics for overcoming business problems. The future of AI powered bots indeed looks exciting.

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