How A Mother Paid Off Her Debts By Referring Drivers For Uber

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Nandini, born and brought up in the rural areas of Bengaluru always wanted to make it big one day and become self-sufficient.

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Nandini was the eldest of two siblings. While she was at school being a doctor was her priority. She didn't have enough financial backing that was required for her education. Clearing PUC on correspondence was the maximum she could do and with that ended her dream of being a doctor.

Nandini is married to a priest at Sai Baba temple in HSR Layout. Being the type of person she is, she started her own business in tours & travels space and also undertook civil contracts such as painting, Interior decorations etc.

String of unfortunate events led to her finding a friend in Uber

Initially, the income out of these business activities was enough to look after the family. But later tragedy struck and Nandini had to undergo a series of unfortunate events. Nandini lost her father, she had to pay out huge debts, had to look after her family and her little sister had to complete her education and get married. It was during these troubled times that Nandini found out about Uber referrals.

Nandini at first became an UberPartner by on-boarding her own vehicle. Then she got to know about the UberDost platform. When Nandini became an UberPartner & an UberDost, this platform acted as a saviour.

Nandini understood the potential in Uber and worked hard to churn the best results out of this program. She hired a staff of two and started off with a research and individually called up leads. She slowly gained recognition in her area and now she even has an office.

Her hard work started to reflect in her bank account every week. A person who used to earn 30,000 a month, is now earning more than 2 lakhs at ease. Today on an average, 33-year old Nandini does 10 referrals per day and has referred 100 drivers so far. She fulfilled her father's wish by getting her sister married and now she is a proud owner of house.

Nandini told Entrepreneur Media that this platform has helped clear off her debts and has helped her earn a comfortable life for herself and her kids. She strongly believes that every woman in India should strive to become financially independent.

UberDOST was launched about 11 months back. It's already present in South America, South East Asia and other Uber regions. Over 5K UberDOST are there. It's a free app on the play store. UberDOST is not a commission-based model as drivers don't lose a cent. It's a onetime payout that Uber pays to the DOST.