How a Real Estate Investor Is Making an Impact On His Country Andrew Sallee is the founder and CEO of Andy's Kids, an organization helping young kids have access to education, as well as other basic needs

By Shishir Jajoo

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Andrew Sallee

Giving back to the community is one of the many ways you can positively impact the world, and there are different ways to do it. This includes donating your skills and services, supporting other local businesses, starting an employee volunteer programme, or even hosting charity events. This is what renowned entrepreneur Andrew Sallee has done.

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Andy's Kids, an organization helping young kids have access to education, as well as other basic needs. Andrew also supports other organizations, such as Big Brother, Big Sister in Davenport, the Davenport YMCA, and Habitat for Humanity.

Andrew grew up where nothing was given to him - everything was earned. Even so, he didn't let that stop him from building a better future for himself. He is now helping other dreamers, supporting them in their journey by sharing his story online, mentoring other up and coming entrepreneurs, and giving back with his time, experience, and financial support.

With his charitable organization, Andy's Kids, Andrew says that he aims to both feed those that are homeless and also support those in his local community.

Despite coming from a background that required a lot of hard work and sacrifice, Andrew has earned his spot in the entrepreneurial world. He is a well-known real estate investor and has built his real estate portfolio worth over $100 million from the ground up. He says his goal is to eventually hit $1 billion in the coming years.

The start of any journey is usually the hardest, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow your dreams, says Andrew Sallee. He notes that as long as you are determined and believe in your ideas, attaining success becomes easy. From a young age, Andrew Sallee made it his number one goal to achieve financial freedom. He invested his time in understanding entrepreneurship and started in sales, in which he worked for many years before starting his own business and eventually moving into real estate.

The experience he gained working in sales is now helping him as a real estate investor, and to support others in the industry. Getting to your dreams is a journey, and it takes time, says Andrew. He notes that your willingness to fight for your goals will determine your success.

Although Andrew Sallee is a celebrated real estate investor with an extensive portfolio, when he first started out he had just bought one single-family home, which he renovated and sold at a higher price, and with that money, he began to grow his empire.

As he continues to expand his portfolio, Andrew is making an impact on his community. He is helping the less privileged families and supporting other real estate investors by sharing what he has learned. Through his story, he also empowers entrepreneurs, showing them that it is possible to reach your goals despite challenges. To turn your ideas into action, you must be ready to fight for them, says Andrew. This means you should never give up or never settle for anything less than what you want to attain.

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