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#8 Ways to Find Perfect Corporate Gifts Always try to find gifts which can become a memory for your employees and clients

By Yatin Hans

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Corporate gifting is as meaningful as any incentive. A perfect corporate gift can work well in fostering company's relationship with its employees and clients. Undoubtedly, it is considered as an effective tool of client engagement and employee retention.

Finding a perfect corporate gift in every holiday season can be quite challenging for multiple personalities and choices. With the holiday season approaching, companies start investing their time in thinking and selecting the gifts whether it is for Diwali or New Year. Before looking out for corporate gifts, it is necessary to keep in mind that gifts which are not memorable for your employees or clients will end up becoming a dusty showpiece on their work station. In simple words, always try to find the gifts which can become a memory for them.

Let's talk about some essentials of corporate gift buying in detail:

1. Be Creative

When it comes to corporate gifting, you must play with creativity. After all, who does not like creative gifts that can be memorable? It is best to find something which is quirky and unusual to catch your client or employee's attention. Stay away from boring colours like grey and white and consider a little exciting and colourful gifts.

2. Go for Utility Items

Try to choose those gifts which people can use everyday beautifully. For example, an umbrella, a bag, a scarf, a business card case and other related utility items. Try to find some uniqueness in the gifts which cannot be wasted or forgotten easily.

3. Focus on Printing

When giving away business gifts, you must not forget the promotional opportunity which can benefit you immensely. Imprint your logo or a motif which can define your business very well. Try to evoke your business in your client's mind without being over promotional and limited use of branding.

4. Invest in Packaging

Packaging is as important as choosing a quality item for corporate gifting. Spend good time and money in making your gift look presentable and beautiful. Poor packaging or wrapping can make your client or employee lose their interest in the gift.

5. Be Qualitative; Not Quantitative

Quality is a really important attribute attached to corporate gift buying. Since corporate gifting reflects the image of your business, so select only those gifts which are really good in quality. Good quality gifts are durable and stay with people for longer time. So, do not look upon the quantity which can decrease the quality of your gifts.

6. Unique Desk items

Unique gifts designed specifically for work stations are the most common gifts for employees and clients. These gifts prove to be a great opportunity when you want your employees and clients to cherish the memories with you by looking at your gift every day. So select those gifts which can brighten up the work station of your clients and employees.

7. Check on Gifting Policy

Corporate gifting has become a trend today. However, some corporate organizations have drafted their own gifting policy. These gifting policies are subject to limited expense and sometimes even prohibiting the gifts completely and accepting only greetings. So before making a decision for such client, you must check the gifting policy of his or her company.

8. Determine the Taste

Most of the time it is difficult to understand the client or employee's personality which makes buying a gift for them even more challenging. If you know them personally even a bit then half of your task is complete. Well, if you have a doubt in their personality then the best thing is to play safe and give them a nice formal gift.

Yatin Hans

Co-founder, BigSmall

Yatin Hans is the Co-founder of BigSmall. 

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