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Incubation Trends for Startups to Expect in 2020 The use of comprehensive 3D mentoring and dedicated network can make this incubator a chauffeur of AI innovation

By Dr. Manisha Acharya

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A startup incubator is a collaborative program that helps a new startup to grow. It aids entrepreneurs in solving discrepancies associated with running of startup. Globally, incubators have become a biome with an array of initiatives that motivate and back economic growth. However, talking about India, incubators are a recent phenomenon, which is sure to an upswing in the coming days. In this article, we have tried to focus on some incubators trends for startups that we expect in 2020.

Startup incubators are generally non-profit organizations, which are usually run by both public and private entities. In India, there is a perilous scope for learning and civilizing our global position as a startup hub. According to the NASSCOM India Startup Ecosystem report, India has retained its position as the third-largest Startup Ecosystem in the world. More than 1,200 startups came up in 2018, including eight unicorns, taking the total number to 7,200 startups.

This suggests that the numbers of startups are sure to augment in 2020 and incubators being the new tendency, startups need to espouse it. Incubators actually need to be at the vanguard if India needs to push itself ahead as a global startup hub. That can be a help in improving the agriculture, food and climate businesses.

Here are Some Incubators Trends for Startups That we Expect in 2020:

Use of AI-based Technology Skills

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence validated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. The use of AI startup incubator can progress business projects and deliver technological solutions to persistent problems of the startup industry. It is sure to provide shape to the current shambolic landscape of startups and give solutions to section-oriented problems. In 2020, the use of AI-based technology skills must be implemented in the country at large as they have a holistic approach. The use of comprehensive 3D mentoring and dedicated network can make this incubator a chauffeur of AI innovation. The AI techniques will help the agrarian sector in improving the amenities.

Innovation-driven Startups

The conception of innovation-driven startups is something that we assume to be absorbed in the coming days. These startups have a high growth potential that can bring new innovations with a clear viable advantage. Like, an agri-business incubator plays an acute role in the development of the sector. It provides facilities, where startups can test their product samples before taking them to market. The funding under government schemes through incubators helps the sector expand crop output, improve farm management and increase farmer incomes.

Climate technology-oriented incubators support start-up organizations in a climate-responsive manner. It generally offers business, marketing, and technical services along with financial support by linking the entrepreneur to sources of finance and investment. Boosted provision of financing for climate technology entrepreneurship is desirable today. It has the potential to amplify and expedite the development, scale-up the market penetration of climate technology solutions.

Futuristic Solutions for the Current Problem

Incubators can provide subterranean solutions to the problems of startups. In the coming days, incubators may provide much-needed sustenance and push to build a solid foundation for the entrepreneur industry. There are many challenges of the startup industry that need to be addressed. Incubators can solve some of the complications commonly associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training. Incubators can deliver the vital seed for the industry to propel with standing solutions. For example, the food industry is facing several challenges these days. And, all of us know the food industry is constantly evolving. Food incubators can help startups breed by providing them with capital investment, well-furnished commercial kitchen spaces, access to networking classes, packaging and distribution support.

Ethical Training for Upcoming Startups

The ethical issues in business need to be engrossed. The startup industry should work with demeanor based on integrity. That will develop trust and increase the diversity of the industry. Empathetic decision-making and compliance must be the focus in 2020. It is best to be aware of the turn-ons and to prevent the hiatuses from occurring that may be in the agriculture, food and climate industry.

All the Startups Should Focus on Social and Environmental Impact

The more the investors will emphasis on achieving affirmative social and environmental consequences, the more capital will be available to back startups. That will provide a better conception. For the sustainability of the industry, it is important to look after all the impacts. The effort should be eco-friendly and must be targeted at providing long term social influence.

It's high time when the country should think more about incubators. Incubators will help start-ups save the operating costs and provide a wider business ecosystem. It will help startups to grow at an early stage.

Dr. Manisha Acharya

CEO of Indigram Labs Foundation

Dr. Manisha Acharya, CEO of Indigram Labs Foundation has a prolific academic and professional background. The host of academic excellence achievements she has secured includes a fellowship as the British Chevening Research Science and Innovation Leadership at Oxford, a Ph.D. in Life Sciences, a Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business management and many more aligned courses to excel at incubation of Agri-startups.

She was nominated by DST, Govt. of India to be part of an Indian delegation to visit Silicon Valley to study and network with the Start Up Ecosystem there under Women Entrepreneurship Quest 2018 program, a rare achievement.She is a Certified “INNOMPIC” or Innovation Olympics master Trainer who initiates breakthroughs in innovations. Her vast experience and strong academic background makes her the best choice to lead ILF. The academic excellence has been instrumental in heralding a host of professional achievements that make Dr. Acharya a mentor ‘par excellence’. Some of her outstanding achievements include navigating the KIIT TBI from an infant Incubation Centre in 2011 to a ‘Centre of Excellence” recognized by GOI. She has had the privilege of assisting almost all Government schemes under multifarious agencies and ministries towards success. December 2017 has seen Dr. Manisha Acharya in the role of CEO of The Indigram Labs Foundation Incubator and Accelerator. The Technology Business Incubator is supported by NSTEDB, DST and plays an integral role in developing startups in the space of Agri business, Agri-Technology and Health care domains. Apart from being an incubator, Indigram Labs also have accelerator operation for identified setups to achieve the stated mission. Current focus areas are Agri IOT, Agri AI, and Agri ICT area. She is the Administrative head and has the responsibility of policy formulation, screening of proposals, mentoring the enterprise in business planning, marketing strategy, technology commercialization as well as raising funds. The inspiring journey of Dr. Acharya’s professional commitments came into the limelight - as Senior Incubation manager at KIIT. The illustrious career person that she is, Dr. Acharya proceeded to lead the Eco-system development programme at Indian STEP and Business Incubators Association (ISBA). She is now the guiding force in the pursuit of entrepreneurial incubation.

entrepreneurial incubation.

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