India Leaves US Behind in Race to Become the Largest Source of Digital Talents: Survey

The study highlighted that at 76 per cent, India is the biggest source of digital talent, followed by Italy at 66 per cent, Spain at 65 per cent

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The sudden spurt in initiatives by Indian companies to go digital has led to a growing demand for professionals with excellent digital skills. No matter what sector you are working in, acquiring digital expertise is a must for all employees.

Professionals can save time and stay relevant in this age of cut throat competition.

According to a survey conducted by Linkedin and Capegemini, India has the highest number of digitally talented people among the nine countries surveyed, including France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US. 76% of the total workforce has the required skills.

The survey titled "The Digital Talent Gap' was conducted on 1,250 people, from lower positions to leadership ranks.

It also interviewed human resource and talent executives from various organizations as well as digital and technology recruiters.

The survey classified digital talent in three categories: First, hard digital skills (such as data analytics), secondly soft digital skills (such as comfort with ambiguity) that constitute a "digital-first mindset' and are necessary for a successful digital transformation. The last category includes digital roles that have been created as a result of digital transformation activities within an organization or due to the emergence of disruptive technologies.

Given below are some of the key highlights from the new report:

India is the Biggest Source of Digital Talent: The Government of India launches new initiatives every year to empower youth with digital skills to accelerate and development.

The survey highlighted that at 76 per cent, India is the biggest source of digital talent, followed by Italy at 66 per cent, Spain at 65 per cent, the UK at 62 per cent, the Netherlands 61 per cent and the US 55 per cent.

Top Digital Roles in Next 2-3 Years: Security and data roles were leading the race of top digital roles, as per the employers participating in the survey.

The roles like Chief analytics officer/Chief data officer will have lesser demand in next 2-3 years.

Top Destinations for Digital Talent: United States, Germany, and Sweden are the top three countries with a migration ratio of more than one. This indicates that these countries are the top preferred destinations for digital talent.

The Challenge of Bridging the Digital Talent Gap: The survey identified a number of reasons from employers as to why organizations are struggling in bridging the digital talent gap. It further stated inadequate budget as the major issue that is preventing organizations from tackling digital talent gap. The organizations are not making sufficient investments. Even though the talent gap has widened, budgets for training digital talent have remained flat or decreased in more than half of the organizations.

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