Microsoft to Bring Copilot to Windows 11, Edge, Bing and Microsoft 365 Users will be getting the copilot as an early upgradation to Windows 11 from September 26. Furthermore, the AI tool will be made available to enterprise customers on November 1 and across Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Copilot this fall.

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On Thursday, tech giant Microsoft announced it would be bringing its artificial intelligence-powered Copilots to its various offerings. Users will be getting the copilot as an early upgradation to Windows 11 from September 26. Furthermore, the AI tool will be made available to enterprise customers on November 1 and across Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Copilot this fall.

"Today we take the next step to unify these capabilities into a single experience we call Microsoft Copilot, your everyday AI companion. Copilot will uniquely incorporate the context and intelligence of the web, your work data and what you are doing at the moment on your PC to provide better assistance – with your privacy and security at the forefront," read the official blog.

Reportedly, over 150 new features will be made live for users where they will have AI-powered experiences with apps like Paint, Photos, and Clipchamp. For Bing and Edge users, the features will include getting personalized information based on your search history, copilot assistance in Microsoft shopping, supporting DALL.E 3 in Bing Image Creator, and Bing Chat Enterprise updates.

After working with clients such as Visa, General Motors, KPMG and Lumen Technologies, the Satya Nadella-led company will be making the Microsoft 365 available to a wider enterprise base. Additionally, Microsoft 365 Chat (previously Business Chat) will be integrated into the 365 system. "Microsoft 365 Chat combs across your entire universe of data at work, including emails, meetings, chats, documents and more, plus the web. Like an assistant, it has a deep understanding of you, your job, your priorities and your organization. It goes far beyond simple questions and answers to give you a head start on some of your most complex or tedious tasks — whether that's writing a strategy document, booking a business trip, or catching up on emails," shared Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft.

It also introduced Designer, an AI-powered tool to create visuals, to its Microsoft 365 consumer apps. Reportedly, DALL.E 3 will be incorporated soon to generate images. Designer will also be incorporated in Bing and Edge.

The new Surface devices

On top of announcing the Copilot availability, Microsoft also unveiled its new Surface devices, namely Surface Laptop Studio 2, Surface Laptop Go 3, Surface Hub 3, and 3D printable Adaptive Pen Grips for Surface Pen.

"There is no better stage to bring to life all of the incredible AI experiences from across Microsoft than our new Surface devices. Surface is at the forefront of device performance and processor technology. We have been investing in silicon advancements to augment this next wave of AI innovation, unlocking experiences like Windows Studio Effects in Surface Pro 9 with 5G and continuing to increase performance to run the latest AI models with powerful devices like the new Surface Laptop Studio 2," read the blog.

The devices are now open for pre-ordering for individuals and businesses.

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