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One cannot get a quick-fix to all woes. Practically it's nearly impossible. But what's possible is a quick delivery of your favorite chocolate or ice cream to lift up your mood instantly. The quick commerce market in India is picking up. India's quick commerce sector is expected to grow 10-15 times in the next five years to become a $5 billion market by 2025, according to a report by consulting firm RedSeer.
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"Grofers started building the supply chain technology including big box warehouses and moved to a scheduled delivery model around the end of 2016. The business grew almost eight times over this period of time. Once we had built a good technological backbone, we took on the challenge of enhancing the customer experience from a convenience perspective by providing them express deliveries. This started out as a pilot in Gurgaon towards the second half of 2020. This gave us the belief and confidence to raise the bar even further and become the 10 minute delivery service pan India by the middle of 2021. We evolved ourselves to Blinkit as we know it today. As of now we now operate through approximately 500 dark stores,” said a spokesperson from Blinkit. 

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“The business idea came into being while I was doing a routine run to buy groceries, that’s when I conceptualized the idea of a hyper local delivery service. In the initial phase, I started taking the orders over whatsapp on a small level which eventually grew bigger when more and more orders started pouring in.  In June 2015 the team completed 70 deliveries in a single day. This was a turning point for Dunzo and then we scaled up this business as a result of the soaring popularity of Dunzo,” said Kabeer Biswas, CEO, Dunzo.

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Swiggy Instamart

“In the last few months, Swiggy has expanded Instamart to 20 cities, while consistently working towards optimizing its selection and delivery time. Swiggy Genie, Swiggy’s pick up and drop service is currently present in 68 cities, while its meat delivery service and daily grocery service, Supr Daily are present across all major Indian cities,” said a spokesperson from Swiggy.


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"Today, buying groceries is an incredibly high-frequency task. People do it as frequently as three to four times a week. But the friction associated with that is pretty prohibitive, especially in online verticals, of buying groceries. I think that's our objective, a 10-minute delivery it's to bring the friction of grocery buying to zero,” said Aadit Palicha, co-founder, Zepto.
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Ola Dash

"Ola has been a leader in the on-demand mobility business for more than a decade. Our advanced geolocation tech, coupled with very low cost of customer acquisition gives us a unique advantage to bring the benefits of mobility to all. Our quick commerce service is an essential part of our connection with customers as they rely on technology and online service to fulfill their daily needs. Over the next few months, we will be expanding our reach and presence to more cities and customers,” said Anshul Khandelwal, chief marketing officer of Ola, in a recent release.

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