As Nation Faces Extreme Water Crisis, PM Modi Urges Countrymen to Contribute Solutions

Indians, it's time for taking collective efforts to overcome the water scarcity

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Every drop of water needs saving. With the nation facing an extreme situation of water crisis, each and every countryman would have to come together with solutions for water conservation. Owing to uneven monsoons and climate change-induced weather conditions, the average annual per capita water availability in India is expected to fall drastically from 1.5 million litres to 1.3 million litres by 2025.

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Acknowledging the serious concern of water shortage, PM Narendra Modi devoted his returning episode of "Mann ki Baat' to call for a national effort to conserve, protect and augment India's water resources. Urging the citizens to make collective and creative effort to overcome the crisis, the Prime Minister made 3 requests:

- To create awareness on water conservation

- Share knowledge of traditional methods of water conservation

- Share about any individuals or NGOs working on water

"Water scarcity affects many parts of the country every year. You will be surprised that only 8 per cent of the water received from rains in the entire year is harvested in our country. Now the time has come to find a solution to this problem. I believe, like the other problems in hand, we can also solve this predicament by the participation of people," he said.

The Power - Jal Shakti

In the biggest step post coming back to power, PM Narendra Modi has formed a new ministry, Jal Shakti. Aimed at providing safe and clean drinking water to everyone, the government has launched a "water conservation campaign' in 255 water-stressed districts. The ministry would streamline decisions and empower water planning and conservation.

Share the Thought

In a bid to bolster the efforts for water conservation, Modi urged Indians to share ideas regarding water conservation using the hashtag #JanShakti4JalShakti. "There is no fixed way to conserve water. In different parts, different methods may be adopted but the aim is the same - to conserve every drop of water," Modi shared, urging the compatriots to share any and every method to fight the battle.

Together, Against Water Crisis

Calling for the creation of a national campaign on the scale of Swachh Bharat, PM Modi shared, "Like the other problems on hand, we can also solve this predicament through participation of the people "Janbhagidari' and their power, "Janshakti'. We are bound to find a solution through the strength, cooperation and resolution of 130 crore citizens."

Revival of Traditional Methods

With the water distress poised to hit the urban and rural areas anytime, rainwater runoff is prime to replenish groundwater sources. Revival of traditional methods like step wells, johads and sand bores in rural areas can serve the cause of water conservation. Share knowledge of traditional methods of water conservation, Modi has requested and we should.

"Water is god's gift, we must conserve every drop of it" - PM Narendra Modi.