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Quikr Strengthens Its Delivery Service By Launching Fleet Of Trucks Quikr rolls out its own logistic arm to strengthen Quikr Doorstep.

By Ritu Kochar

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Online classified portal, Quikr is rolling out its own logistic arm by launching a fleet of trucks. As a part of the launch of Internal Logistics Capabilities, Quikr aims to strengthen its door to door delivery service called Quikr Doorstep and thus, will now be handling a part of its delivery by itself.

Backed by Tiger Global, Quikr will first launch the service in their home turf, Bangalore and then expand to 25 cities across India. The fleet will help fulfill delivery of C2C transactions from its platform and will work in parallel with its external logistics partners to address increasing consumer demand. Previously, they have been using Delhivery to fulfill its logistics.

Talking about their decision, Pranay Chulet, Founder & CEO of Quikr said, "As an industry leader, we realized that we need to complete the C2C transaction loop in order to bring convenience to our consumers. A key part of this is to offer a seamless way for consumers to move goods around. It's not an easy problem to solve because, unlike e-commerce, it involves two separate consumer touch points instead of one."

But understanding the opportunity that lies in having its own logistic arm, he added, "That's precisely wherein the opportunity to bring convenience to the consumers lies and we feel we owe it to them. Operational capabilities are an important piece of this puzzle, and we decided to bring this piece in house in order to have full control over the consumer experience."

Launched recently, Quikr Doorstep organize the C2C transactions market by facilitating price negotiations, payment, pickup and delivery. It is also the only platform to offer end to end solution for all steps of C2C transactions across the country. Within the first six months of its launch, Quikr has witnessed 100% month on month growth in the transactions happening on its platform. Thus, to strengthen it even more, an in-house logistic arm became a necessity for Quikr.

Sharing his views on the challenges at hand, Anurag Saran, CPO at Quikr, added, "Quikr Doorstep has been gaining huge and growing acceptance amongst our consumers and hence we are working actively towards making our processes stronger. Taking a closer look at the operational aspects of the business, we realized that with our internal operations and delivery trucks we will have full control to seamlessly serve our consumers' needs. Bangalore being our home turf, we are rolling out our own operations here first".

Acting as middleman between transactions, Quikr told ET that they also plan to set up warehousing capabilities wherever needed. But since most of their services are within the city or state, Chulet thinks that storage and warehousing do not come much in play. It is where the fleet of trucks come handy as it makes intra city deliveries cheaper and faster. Adopting a similar strategy previously used by eCommerce Companies, Quikr will start charging commission from consumers for the service and expect to see great returns.

Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.
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